Super PI

by Kanada Lab Tokyo

Benchmarking software that calculates Pi to a specific number of digits

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kanada Lab Tokyo

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Super PI is a small utility that, despite its size, is one of the most accurate benchmarks for CPU performance. The principle of the program is based on the calculation of the number of Pi with an accuracy of thirty-two million digits after the decimal point. Impressive, isn't it? Thus, it checks how quickly your CPU copes with this task and displays the result in fractions of a second (yes, modern processors need exactly that much time to perform such calculations). If desired, you can run a "quick" test that will calculate only sixteen thousand digits after the decimal point. There are also some more testing variants with values between 16.000 and 32.000000. In principle, the possibility of choosing the duration of the test is the only thing you need to specify before starting it. There are no other settings in the program.

In addition to using Super PI as a benchmark, it is sometimes used "for its intended purpose". People in many professions: engineers, scientists, biochemists often face the need to accurately calculate the number of Pi. Fortunately, the program not only records the time of its calculations, but also provides their results directly. All data from the results screen can be copied to the clipboard with just a few clicks.

You do not need to install the program on your computer to use it. Simply unpack the downloaded archive and run the SuperPI.exe executable file. The benchmark is very "unpretentious" and works on any hardware and Winows version.

- CPU performance testing by performing complex calculations;

- calculating Pi to the nearest 32 million digits after the decimal point;

- Determination of the testing time and display of the obtained results;

- the possibility to choose one of several variants of testing duration (from 16 thousand numbers);

- Quickly copy the results to the clipboard;

- working in a portable mode;

- support for any hardware and Windows operating system versions.

I really like an idea of this product to perform test and give info about how your CPU can cope with daily task and also with more developed applications.Despite all other software similar to this one, I've found it pretty impressive based on its accuracy.
Super PI is a handy tool where i can see how my CPU actually performs. The analysis of CPU is very accurate and you can tell very knowledgable in a condensed way that any consumer or user can follow and really receive insight from.
Supposedly, you are reading this review because you're thinking about trying out Super Pi. I suggest that you just try it. The application can be used quickly due to the lack of needing it be installed, and it's easy to use on any hardware. It can be used to measure your computer's performance, and it can even be used just to calculate Pi. I say just try it.
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