Sync2 for Outlook

by 4Team Corporation

Synchronize your Outlook data with either Outlook on another PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: 4Team Corporation

Release: Sync2 for Outlook 2.79

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Sync2 for Outlook lets you synchronize all your calendar, contact and task data across any platform. It gives you complete control over what is synchronized, how it is synchronized, and when it is synchronized.


  • Syncs Microsoft Outlook on multiple PCs
  • Syncs Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar
  • Syncs Outlook Contacts with Gmail Contacts
  • Syncs Outlook Tasks with Google Tasks
  • One-way or Two-way synchronization
  • Event-based synchronization (only changes transferred)
  • Sync scheduling
  • Instant sync after Microsoft Outlook changes
  • Background synchronization (even when Outlook not open)
  • Synchronizes across different Outlook versions
  • Access to 4Team FTP Sharing Service

Imagine how much easier your life will be and how much time you’ll save if your Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks were identical to your Google Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. With Sync2, you don’t have to imagine.

Sync2 for Outlook comes with free access to 4Team’s secure FTP Sharing Service to make syncing your data easier.

If you are looking for a way to sync two sets of Microsoft Outlook data on two different computers, or you want to sync your Microsoft Outlook data to your Google account data (Google Calendar, Google Tasks, or Gmail Contacts), then Sync2 for Outlook is what you are looking for. With Sync2 for Outlook, you can sync Microsoft Outlook data with other devices or software using a USB device, shared network folder or FTP. All forms of syncing are secure and safe.Not only can you sync all of your devices and data sets, but Sync2 gives you a good deal of control over how that data gets synced. You can make changes in one direction or two directions. You can have all changes instantly propagated or you can schedule syncs for specific times. And with background syncing capabilities and event-based syncing (only changes transferred), Sync2 won’t be a burden on your system’s resources. In addition, Sync2 works when you are offline as well: changes made while not connected will be transferred as soon as you go online again.Sync2 also works with any version of Microsoft Outlook (Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019).

Jacquelyn Lewis
Working often gets stressful, so this software is here to help ease some of those tensions! Sync2 for Outlook allows you to integrate your data across platforms such as Google. If you want to sync your calendar, contacts, and your tasks from Google, it can do that! It even works offline and makes changes to your data when back online never losing a thought because you do not have an internet connection. This software also works with different versions of Outlook! What a great product to be more productive!
John Mariscal
For a person that lives in their calendar religiously, the Sync2 is something I would strongly recommend. It is quick and easy with syncing with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Gmail contacts. Sync2 is made easily accessible via multiple PC's as well so that way you do not have to take time logging in to check any updates or make any particular adjustments to your schedule. What's really cool as well is that it will sync across different variations of Outlook, from 2006 all the way to 2019, and can be done automatically without any human assistance.
Changes in Outlook will be synced to your devices and vice versa automatically. The Best Synchronization software for Microsoft Outlook. Try Sync2 for Free. Free Support. Satisfaction Guarantee. Free Download. Auto Backup
Synchronizing Viewpoint between computers presently made simple with Sync2, capable Microsoft Viewpoint synchronization add-in computer program. Adjust Viewpoint individual and open organizers. Adjust Viewpoint calendar, contacts, e-mail, assignments, notes, and Viewpoint diary between different computers without Microsoft Trade server. Adjust Viewpoint with Google, Gmail contacts and errands, adjust Google calendar with Viewpoint. Clone and synchronize Viewpoint .pst information record utilizing shared envelope on LAN, USB drive or FTP. Synchronize Viewpoint 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 consequently. You'll plan programmed Viewpoint synchronization or perform a manual adjustment on request. Synchronization will be performed in the foundation, indeed in the event that Viewpoint isn't running. Share Viewpoint Calendar with Google Calendar. Match up Google Contacts, Assignments with Viewpoint Contacts and Assignments. Match up the address book and Gmail contacts. Synchronization of different Calendar envelopes, Google Calendars, and Gmail Contacts accounts are backed. Event-based Viewpoint adjust, as it were alter
I recently bought a new computer. My friends have told me about software that will allow me to sync my files between computers. I did a search online and found Sync 2 for Outlook for Windows. Once I've downloaded it, it allows me to use Microsoft Outlook on multiple devices. That fits my needs. I synced my Microsoft Outlook with my Google Contacts and Calendars. It was so simple. It did all of the hard work for me. I didn't have any issues with duplicate files either. It's the software I will keep using whenever I need to sync files.
Sync2 is very user-friendly great for setup which in return can turn out to work smooth. I would recommend this outlook with proper reading of the instruction. The syncing is effortless and very effective. Once you have hit the point of smooth syncing. It is pretty much a great thing.
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