by yakyak

A desktop client like Google Hangouts, where you can chat with others.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: yakyak

Release: YakYak 1.5.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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YakYak is similar to Google Hangouts, with a few exceptions. It's a desktop application, so you won't need Chrome to run it. It has different color schemes, including a dark mode. There's also an option for desktop notifications. Other than that, it has all the basics of Google Hangouts, without the need for a browser.


  • Since it's a desktop application, you won't need the Chrome browser to run it, like you might for Google Hangouts. If your computer doesn't support Chrome or you don't particularly like the browser, this is a plus. 
  • The different color schemes add a little fun to the application. You can choose a dark mode or you can change the colors of the skin, as well. 
  • YakYak has customer support in 21 languages and also has the option to translate. So, if you're not a native speaker of English, you can download the program in your own native language.
  • It has many options for communication. There's the basic chat messaging, where you can send and receive messages. It also has the option for a video/audio call feature, if you want to see the person you're speaking to.

YakYak is a really great option if you're not able to run Google Hangouts on your computer, if your operating system won't support Chrome or you just don't like the browser, or if you're looking for something like Google Hangouts, but with extra features, for you to play around with.

YakYak is good for people who can't run Chrome on their operating systems, or choose not to.

YakYak works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and there aren't any minimum system requirements. There is a requirement of a Node.js, which is part of a JavaScript application so that it can run without a browser.

for a first time user of Yak Yak I find it very easy to navigate and pull all my needed information in record timing which is really necessary for this time and age of everything being done first and at your convenience.
YakYak is a wonderful program. It lets me chat with my family and friends. I can also talk to my coworkers about it! It is very fun to use. It's is seamlessly integrated into the existing windows program. I even can create multi-user conversations too! You can trust me when I say that you will most definitely not regret using YakYak.
YakYak is one of the best application software which is used with Google apps. Mainly, Google contacts and Google hangouts are used with this application software program. This application software program is useful for categorizing and normalizing various contact numbers and important messages from particular devices. This application software program which used in all Windows Operating Systems. This application software tool comes with both free and paid versions.
If you have ever wanted to access your Google contacts while using other applications, YakYak for Windows is what you've been waiting for. It's at least what I've been searching for for the past couple of weeks. My friend is on it and he recommended it for me to try out. It's free to download so why not. I can use Google hangout as a desktop application after I installed YakYak. It shows my contact list and the list of conversations I have going on. Super cool.
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