Adobe Flash Player

by Adobe

Allows for the use of different games and programs on windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Adobe

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Adobe Flash Player is a program that is installed as a supplement to your browser and that allows you to watch videos on the Internet. The need to install it is usually immediately after Windows has been installed. A large percentage of video and other content on different sites is based on Adobe Flash technology, so without this program does not do any computer.

Installation is pretty simple. First you need to choose the version for your browser. The browser should be closed during the installation (the program will remind you of this). Installation will take a few seconds, after which you need to choose the method of updating the program to be used later.

Now your browser will show the video on almost all sites (YouTube, etc.). "Almost" because there are video clips based on Windows Media and it needs another plugin. Read this article to be aware of how to fix problems with watching video clips.

If you came here not because of the video, but because of a game, banner or some web application, then these problems can be solved by installing "Flash Player". Technology from Adobe is widely used to develop entertainment content, as well as for advertising purposes. There's another interesting fact. Installation of the new version of Adobe Flash Player solves some problems with Skype - the world-famous video communications tool. Part of its functionality is also tied to this technology.

Allows for all flash compatible programs to be run in your browser. Almost a necessity in order to use a lot of websites that are heavy on animation that use the flash system instead of html 5. Installation is very fast and can update in the background whenever necessary.
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