T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2013

by Devart

Powerful Visual Studio plugin for editing T4 templates

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Devart

Antivirus check: passed

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The T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2013 is a comprehensive T4 editor that makes creating and editing templates relatively simple, and the add-in does this with IntelliSense, syntax highlighting, and even code outlining, for a relatively well-rounded program that makes Visual Studio 2013 much easier to work with.

Of note, the T4 Editor utilizes IntelliSense, which includes all Visual Studio C# and Visual Basic IntelliSense features, such as parameter info, tooltips, code completion, and also supports a completion list to be used for template directives. T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2013's IntelliSense also works to list all available C# classes and its members, including ones that are found in referenced assemblies and template files, making things easy to sort through and work on.

Additionally, T4 Editor has a powerful syntax highlighting system, which highlights template directives and C#/Visual Basic code, making it easy to distinguish regular text from function calls. Best of all, fonts and colors can be completely customized for any Visual Studio code editor, letting you choose from a good assortment of colors and fonts to differentiate what you're working on. You can even enable or disable intellisense, word wrapping, line numbers, virtual whitespace, and so on, in addition to customizing intelligent indenting, allowing for a breadth of customization that'll make any T4 Template work the way you want it to work.

With the Goto function, T4 Editor lets you jump quickly to definitions and declarations of objects/members, so long as they're included in the selected template file. And with a multilevel template including all classes from selected templates are available in IntelliSense, which you can navigate to with the aforementioned Goto command. T4 also supports automatic template formatting, via a format that's run both intelligently and efficiently.

So far, my biggest complaint seems to be the dark mode theme, which makes text all but unreadable. Outside of that, T4 Editor works well as a fast, efficient, and highly customizable plug-in that makes T4 template editing a little simpler and quicker. T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2013 is also included as a part of Entity Developer, which is a powerful modeling/code generation tool for ADO.NET Entity Framework, LinqConnect, NHibernate, and LINQ to SQL. For what you get, it's a powerful tool and all that's required to run T4 in Visual Studio 2013, making it very simple to install and use right out of the box.


Create and edit Visual Studio T4 templates with intellisense
  • Formats code
  • Supports large templates
  • Customizable editor
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Comprehensive IntelliSense
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 installed
.NET Framework 4.5 or later version
Windows 7 or later version
At least 1 GB RAM

Supports syntax highlighting which enhances readability and debugging.
Enables creation of code generation scripts in visual studio.
Automatic file generation improves productivity and efficiency.

Can be complex and overwhelming for beginners.
Lack of detailed user tutorial or guide.
Occasional bugs and stability issues.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanleyhttps://bottts.com/Florian Körner Dylan
I love using the T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2013 for Windows because it makes developing my own templates very straightforward. Not only can I make my own templates using this program, but I can edit them too. I appreciate that the T4 editor also differentiates between normal text and regular calls so it's easy to identify one from the other. Perhaps my favorite feature is that I can customize all the fonts and colors.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanleyhttps://bottts.com/Florian Körner Sam Joey
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanleyhttps://bottts.com/Florian Körner Murray Custar
Overall, I found T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2013 software to be a helpful tool. It is user friendly and easy to navigate. The syntax highlighting feature is useful for quickly seeing the structure of the code. It also provides auto-complete options which can help speed up the development process. I found the intellisense capabilities to be very efficient and was able to quickly find the relevant help I needed. The debugging tools included were also helpful. I did experience a few crashes while using the software, but nothing major. All in all, I found the T4 Editor to be a useful addition to my Visual Studio toolset.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanleyhttps://bottts.com/Florian Körner Andrew Lamia
1. T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2013 is a great tool for quickly generating text files from templates. 2. The syntax highlighting and auto-completion features make it much easier to create and edit templates. 3. It's very convenient to be able to run the template and see the result in real-time. 4. The ability to add custom directives is also useful. 5. The debugging capabilities are great for troubleshooting template issues.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanleyhttps://bottts.com/Florian Körner Jayden Q******j
T4 Editor is a plugin for Visual Studio 2013 that enables the creation, editing, and debugging of T4 templates. It includes syntax highlighting, IntelliSense, and code outlining for T4 templates, as well as the ability to debug generated code. Additionally, it supports custom directives and includes a template library with a variety of pre-built templates.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanleyhttps://bottts.com/Florian Körner Jay
Streamlines code generation, improves efficiency in Visual Studio.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanleyhttps://bottts.com/Florian Körner James
Efficient, intuitive, saves development time.
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