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TablePlus is a modern, native tool with an intuitive interface that allows users to simultaneously manage relational databases, like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

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TablePlus is a powerful, intuitive and modern database management application for developers, database administrators, and analysts. It helps users design, manage, and monitor databases quickly and easily. With TablePlus, users are able to quickly access and query data, manage users and permissions, and more.

TablePlus offers a powerful and intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage and query databases.

• Connect to multiple databases: TablePlus allows users to connect to multiple databases in one application, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Redshift.

• Data editor: TablePlus provides an intuitive and powerful data editor for quickly editing and managing data. It also supports table partitioning, triggers, and stored procedures.

• Query builder: TablePlus provides an easy-to-use query builder to help users create complex SQL queries.

• Secure connection: TablePlus uses an SSH tunnel to encrypt and secure connections to databases.

• Database management: TablePlus provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing and monitoring databases. It includes a schema explorer, user management, and a performance monitor.

• Visual explain plan: TablePlus provides a visual explain plan to help users understand how their queries will be executed.

• Import and export data: TablePlus allows users to easily import and export data from databases.

• Table designer: TablePlus provides an easy-to-use table designer for creating and modifying database tables.

• Visual triggers and stored procedures: TablePlus provides a visual editor for creating and modifying triggers and stored procedures.

• Database comparison: TablePlus allows users to easily compare and synchronize databases.

• Query optimization: TablePlus provides powerful query optimization tools for improving query performance.

• Plugin system: TablePlus provides a powerful plugin system for extending the functionality of the application.

• Cross-platform: TablePlus is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


TablePlus is a powerful and intuitive database management application that helps users quickly and easily design, manage, and monitor databases. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for connecting to multiple databases, editing and managing data, creating complex queries, and more. TablePlus is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and provides a plugin system for extending the application’s functionality.
TablePlus requires a system with macOS 10.10 or higher, Windows 7 or higher, or Linux Ubuntu 16 or higher. It also requires at least 4GB of RAM and 100 MB of free space on the hard drive.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner
George Y******w

TablePlus is an excellent software for managing databases. I've been using it for a while now and I can say that it's definitely one of the best tools on the market. It has an intuitive user-friendly interface and is quick to learn. It also has some great features like multiple tabs, which allow you to work on multiple queries at once. Plus, it supports all major operating systems. Connecting to databases is a breeze and the software also supports SSH tunneling for secure connections. There are also plenty of customization options to choose from, so you can tailor TablePlus to suit your needs perfectly. Importing and exporting data is also a breeze and you can easily do it in various formats, such as CSV, SQL, and JSON. The software also allows you to generate SQL from a table. TablePlus also has great collaboration tools. It supports real-time collaboration and allows multiple users to work on the same database simultaneously. Overall, TablePlus is a great software for managing databases. It has a lot of features and options, making it a great choice for any database user.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner
Harrison Soldi

TablePlus is a great tool for managing databases. It is fast, intuitive and easy to use. I particularly appreciate its ability to quickly switch between different databases and its comprehensive search capabilities. The interface is well designed and makes it easy to view and edit data. It also provides visual data modeling and a great SQL editor.
James N.

TablePlus provides an intuitive and efficient interface for managing databases.
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