TCP Port Listener Tool

by isimSoftware

TCP Port Listener Tool is a network utility that monitors, logs, and displays any incoming TCP connections on a specified port.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: isimSoftware

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Last revision: Last week

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The TCP Port Listener Tool is an essential tool for network administrators who need to monitor network traffic and detect any malicious activity. This tool provides the ability to listen to specific ports and receive data from them. This data can then be analyzed to detect any unwanted activity or suspicious behavior.


• Easy to use and intuitive user interface
• Support for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
• Ability to listen to multiple ports simultaneously
• Flexible configuration options for each port
• Support for encryption for added security
• Supports logging of data for further analysis
• Generates alerts when suspicious activity is detected
• Ability to block suspicious traffic
• Support for custom filters to detect specific data
• Supports remote access for monitoring from multiple locations
• Automated reports for quick analysis
• Ability to send notifications when suspicious activity is detected
• Supports integration with third-party applications for more detailed monitoring and analysis

In order to use a TCP port listener tool, a computer should minimally meet the following technical requirements:

- Operating System: Any operating system that supports a TCP/IP stack and has a command-line interface, such as Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.

- Networking: A network connection is required in order to receive and transmit data over the network.

- Software: A TCP port listener tool should be installed on the computer.

- Memory: Enough RAM to run the software and enough disk space to store logs.

- CPU: A reasonably fast processor to handle the data processing involved in listening to ports.

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TCP Port Listener Tool is a free software that allows users to monitor and listen for incoming TCP connections on specified ports. It can be used for troubleshooting network connections and testing network applications. It also provides detailed information about the connections, including IP addresses and timestamps.
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Max Holand

1. TCP Port Listener Tool is a reliable and user-friendly software. 2. It is very easy to install and configure. 3. I found the interface intuitive and straightforward. 4. It offers a variety of features and options to customize. 5. It runs smoothly on my computer. 6. The responsiveness of the tool is quite good. 7. It can quickly detect any network issues. 8. It supports multiple operating systems. 9. It helps to diagnose the connection problems easily. 10. The price for the software is reasonable.
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