by Alexey Bahirev

USB flash drive that allows for testing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alexey Bahirev

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Tester is a program for making primitive tests. The user can ask several questions for the test and provide each of them with answer options (indicating to the program which of them will be correct). After that, the created test is saved in the form of several HTML pages with embedded JavaScript code (actually, it is responsible for testing). To pass the test, a student should open the START.htm page and specify the answers to the proposed questions. Based on the results of the test, the overall score is calculated on a five-point system.

Tester is a great program to use as a teacher. I often use Tester for in-class review games. I'll make a 'test' with questions related to the material for the upcoming exam and the students will work in teams to take turns answering. At the end, we review our mistakes. Thanks, Tester!