Visual CertExam Suite

by Visual CertExam Software

A virtual exam platform to take, create and simulate exams

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Visual CertExam Software

Release: Visual CertExam Suite 3.2.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Visual CertExam Suite allows users to create, edit, take and simulate exams all from their personal computer. This makes test making, practice, and planning much easier on the user!


  • Visual CertExam Suite contains an exam simulator which allows the users to practice taking tests so they can study and prepare more efficiently! 
  • Another great feature of the Visual CertExam Suite is the Exam Editor! This allows users to set up an exam from a list of preselected formats, and preview what the final exam will look like before publishing it!
  • Customizable Exam Taking Mode allows Visual CertExam Suite users to change the game on test taking! Are you better with multiple choice instead of a short answer? Then switch it up, using this feature in the program will allow you to change how your questions or answers appear on the exam!
  • Detailed Score Reporting helps you really get down into the data behind exams! See where you excel and where you need improvement by just opening this handy feature! This allows you to more efficiently focus your study and prep time!

With all these great features inside the Visual CertExam Suite, it makes a great buy for everyone! From students to teachers, to parents, everyone will benefit from having this software! Even business owners could benefit by designing their own exams for their employees that fit the business's specific needs, allowing you to really know how well your employees know their stuff! I believe this software will help change the exam experience and relieve a massive amount of stress for everyone involved, just by allowing you to understand exams for more than just a piece of paper with blank spots!

You can customize which format the test is in easily!
Gregory Salmon
The Visual CertExam Suite gives anyone the ability to make exams for a variety of purposes. Teachers, business owners, parents, and others can take advantage of this software that allows them to simulate exams for preparation, edit exams, customize the type of questions, and see exam results.
I am preparing for many exams and this app really increased my preparation level. This Visual CertExam app is somewhat different from other app, as there are two divisions in this app. The first division was Visual CertExam Designer, where we can design the practice test paper based on our syllabus. The next division was Visual CertExam Manager, where we can take the practice tests.
Visual CertExam Suite is an ideal choice for anyone cramming and revising for an upcoming test. It is also highly useful for teachers and lecturers who might want to do a test run of any exams they might be preparing. Visual CertExam Suite allows the user to demo certification exams by creating and editing questions. You can run through your exam before you publish it, allowing you to fine-tune any errors you might otherwise miss. It is a free download and is therefore extremely worthwhile to try out.
Visual CertExam Suite for Windows is a tool one can use to practice to an exam pretty much creating the same atmosphere as in the actual exam
This is a test to be used on desktop computers. It will help when you are ready to take the certification exam. you can use it for so many different things from creating the closes environment from which you will be taking it to editing. A professional practice test can be created and edited by the user.
Visual CertExam Suite is an amazing piece of software. It gives users great flexibility in creating exams, and gives many options for the format of the exam questions. I liked that I'm able to seamlessly create exams that have a variety of question types together, such as multiple choice with different amount of choices for each question, as well as written response questions. Also, I liked the Manager software and how easy it is to administer exams and grade them for students. I would give the software a 10/10 rating.
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