A free word study program

Operating system: Windows

Release: Zyzzyva 3.1.0

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91128

Zyzzyva is a free word study program. It was created for Scrabble users looking for the ultimate word study program to elevate their game.


  • Free
  • Doesn't run on windows
  • 52MB download
  • Can create word lists

A great free tool that is the perfect tool for any Scrabble player.

Zyzzyva the completely free tool that allows for word study searches outside of Windows.  You can also do a search using letters to see what words have those specific letters in them.  There are two types of specific word lists provided OWL2 in North America and CSW for the rest of the World. 

The tool's main objective is to find words, find acceptable words and if they are good for game play.  The tool is used at Scrabble tournaments as the official judgment tool.  Michael Thelen created the word study tool.  Michael gave the program name as it Zyzzyva as it's the least likely word to be played in Scrabble.  It also happens to be the last word in the dictionary.  Michael said he chose that name because he was to have the "last word,"  Michael decided to make the tool free so that everyone could enjoy the tool. 

 The program also comes with an extensive help file, so it is easy for any user to install.  It is downloaded frequently and used by a large amount of Scrabble players to help their gameplay.  If users run into any problems, while using the app they can simply mail the Zyzzyva mailing list and get answers to the problems.   You can email the creator, Michael, but you might have to wait a bit longer for a response. Michael does all of the software design and updates and is constantly updating with his own ideas and users suggestions. 

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