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Tracks the working hours and attendance of employees

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: kalmstrom.com Business Solutions

Release : TimeCard 24.01.00

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There were times when the attendance of employees was recorded in notebooks. Mostly, it was not an efficient method, as this notebook could get lost or torn apart, and there were more chances of manual human error. However, current managers understand the importance of delegating these tedious tasks to automated programs like TimeCard.

TimeCard is a tool that simplifies the process of tracking employee attendance and work hours. The manual input is very minimal, as the manager has to only insert the employees’ in and out time. This input can also be automated by investing in fingerprint scanners, as they can be integrated into TimeCard. At the end of each shift, TimeCard automatically calculates regular or extra hours worked by each employee.


For each pay period, TimeCard eliminates the need for manual calculation through time tracking.

  • Detailed attendance reports are provided.
  • The interface of TimeCard is old-school but user-friendly.
  • The average performance and productivity of each employee can be checked by comparing the data.
  • Helps in providing fair pay and benefits.
  • Data can be exported and shared with others.
  • Information about each employee can be extracted.
  • The attendance database can be backed up or restored.
  • Password can be added to prevent security breaches.
  • There are options to customize settings.
  • No extra hardware requirements are needed to install TimeCard.
  • Can be installed on any Windows operating system.

TimeCard is shareware and needs more than a hundred dollars to get started. But the best part is that no maintenance fee would eat up your bank account. For a business, this seems like a great deal, as they can think of it as a long-term investment.

Once it’s downloaded and installed, the manager can see the default settings in table blocks. The user can import data or manually set everything. In the ‘edit’ section, employee names, departments, and other preferences can be added. Benefit policies and time off reasons can be added to manage different HR functions. Previous data remains stored or can be extracted. If you are a business owner or an HR manager, this tool can double your productivity.

- Windows operating system required
- Microsoft Outlook essential for functionality
- MS Access or SQL database necessary
- Excel required for data export

Integrates seamlessly with Outlook for efficient time reporting.
Directly records data into MS Access or SQL database.
Exports data to Excel for easy analysis.

Limited to integration with only MS Access or SQL database.
Subscription cost of $180 per month may be expensive for some.
No mobile application version is available.