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Screen capture and recording program that makes making videos easier

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TinyTake is a popular screen capture and recording program. It allows you to make software tutorials, record presentations, and can even take screenshots, and has free cloud storage.


  • Very easy to use.
  • 2GB of free cloud storage.
  • Has a huge variety of recording and capture options
  • Allows you to upload directly to youtube.
  • Quickly capture screenshots or videos of a selected region in window or fullscreen.
  • Bulk File Sharing
  • It even has long term storage and an online gallery

TinyTake is an excellent program for recording short videos and taking screenshots or even making video presentations. The free version lets you record up to five minutes at a time and is mainly for personal use. To use some of its more advanced features, you would need to buy a subscription for the program, but they offer a one week pass that would allow you to finish a one-off project. TinyTake can capture images and videos from your desktop, but it can also use your free cloud storage to upload files from your computer. There is a very large variety of recording and capture options. You can choose to capture a manually selected area of your screen, a specific window, the entire screen, or an image or video from your webcam. After finishing your recording, it will open in an editor, but most of the editor's useful features are locked behind the paywall, but it does allow you to at least preview your clip before you save it. You can save it to your computer locally or upload it directly to youtube, but the direct to youtube upload is also locked behind a paywall. In conclusion, I think this is an ok capturing software, and it teases you a little bit by closing most of its useful features behind a subscription. There are other free options out there that are probably better, but if you are willing to pay for the yearly subscription, then this software is worth using. 

TinyTake has free cloud storage.
  • offered in free or yearly subscriptions of varying prices
  • there is also a one-week pass for $9.95.
Tiny Take for Windows is software that screen captures, records videos and shares all for free. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, Tiny Take captures images and videos, but also supports comments and sharing. This can all be done in minutes. It has a host of features which include zoom, recording from a webcam and storing them all in the cloud.
TinyTake is a tool used in the screen capture, it is an important tool in Microsoft Windows and Mac which serves as video recording software. With TinyTake, you can capture your images or screenshots to your computer. In Mac, it makes it easy for you to e-mail and print your captures and also share them as links.
As an IT support person, it is sometimes useful to record short training videos for clients that I can share to help them resolve small issues more quickly, TinyTake for Windows is a great solution for screen captures and recording my screen, I can capture an image, annotate and send through email or show clients simple steps for resolving their common issues, there are other programs like this but the features are what set TinyTake apart.
Screen capture, webcam overly, and color adjustment is the main features I use this for. It does a good job with all three. I have never had any problems using it and would recommend it to anyone interested in video editing or streaming.
It is very easy to take screenshots, or capture a video of your screen You can either save your captures locally in your computer or upload it on to the cloud server to share it with anyone.
TinyTake for Windows is a great software. It has some great features to help with your images and videos. One example is capturing screen images and videos. Another is it can record videos and webcam captures. I like that it offers a variety of Window options to be able to use this software. Also, all you need is an internet connection, speaker and microphone and a webcam. I highly recommend this amazing software for your images and video needs.
I love using TinyTake for Windows because it's a program that makes it really easy to record everything that's going on with my computer screen. I can then save down a video of the recording and even annotate that with my own notes afterward. Once saved, I can then share the file with friends and family. I can even upload the recordings to my favorite video sharing sites.
This software allows you to record short videos and screenshots with a duration of up to 5 minutes and then also allows you to do editions to those short videos you just recorded to then directly upload them into your Youtube account, of course giving you a small preview of the final before uploading it. Sadly the majority of the functions of this software are locked behind a paywall, so to fully enjoy this product you will have to pay the yearly subscription, but once you pay it, it is totally worth it.
TinyTake is used for doing all online works like online customer support, online documentation, educational videos,etc. It makes the whole process easy by taking videos instead of screenshots. It makes our work easier.it is more useful for people who are working in online. this saves time.this is wonderful software to use. It is a unique and time-efficient platform to enhance online work.
TinyTaker is one of those software one must have it in their PC, It captures the images and videos perfectly, it is a free software which helped in capturing many meetings works perfectly without any lag we can also edit and annotate the images quality of the output file is perfect one single tool does multiple tasking
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