by Moonware Studios

A piece of software that allows you to use your webcam as a security camera

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Moonware Studios

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The WebcamXP software allows you to do something that has never been done before. It allows you to connect your laptop's camera to a mobile phone so you can monitor the room in which the computer sits at any time, from anywhere.  It can also use an external USB webcam, which can be strategically placed in the home and use the laptop for connectivity purposes.  This new approach allows the user to have a sense of security in their home without the requirement of purchasing expensive camera systems, which sometimes require costly and somewhat complicated installations.  At times, these installations must be done by professionals to ensure it is done correctly. With WebcamXP, all of these complications are solved, and the average user can have access to a good security system, at the palm of their hands without expensive purchases.  


  • Webcam XP supports both built-in cameras as well as USB cameras.  You can choose a connected USB camera system that you can set up anywhere in the home, opening up the possibilities of surveillance to not just places where the laptop or desktop is in place.  
  • WebcamXP is able to provide not only still images, but also video and audio formats, to ensure that if anything were to happen, you and your belongings can be fully protected.
  • WebcamXP software has DVR capabilities, recording for many hours, and deleting the files after an extended period of time. This ensures that you always have the files you need when you need them.
  • The software has controls for pan and tilt, which are compatible with several high-end USB cameras. This would give the user more control as to where the camera points in real-time. This is key to provide the user the most control during a potentially stressful situation. 

WebcamXP offers features not found in any other security video software.  It can use off-the-shelf cameras and your mobile phone to give you the tools to feel more secure and in control of the things and people you care about. 

You can use a camera and a mobile phone that you already have without having to purchase expensive hardware.
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Cole Crider
I have over 5 different computers set up around my office, home, basement and private apartments used for business and instead of paying thousands for a security system set up in each place I was able to use something that was already there, my laptop and its camera. I love this software and it works great.
webcamXP is an enhanced webcam application which allows you to stream videos from your webcams. It also allows you to add security to your streams by using passwords, which enables you to share it to your specific audience. This is great for those who need a powerful tool to stream an event and share it to your own specific community.
WebcamXP allows users to setup and utilize streams by using their webcams, and is optimal for Windows XP users since it is no longer supported. It is one of a very few options for those who still use Windows XP. Fortunately, WebcamXP is very lightweight and easy on the limited resources on most XP systems, so there’s no worry about it hogging up too much memory, allowing for truly optimal performance. Not to mention, WebcamXP supports over 1500 different camera types, so it should definitely be a serious consideration for XP users.
This is what I have been looking for to make me feel more secure in my own home. I've been broken into a couple of times and lost valuable possessions. This software is free for my own private use. I can connect up to 2 cameras to it. It provides surveillance and peace of mine. I can use it to monitor my surroundings and just feel safer. The surveillance videos show me what's going on around my house. It makes me feel so much safer.
The webcamXp software allows you to watch over your possessions by installing the software onto a Windows computer then connecting to your mobile phone or other computers from any location. A variety of businesses as well as law enforcement use webcamXP alongside different network cameras, estimated around 1500+ that are compatible with webcamXP and can be customized to run during specific times of the day.
I believe the webcamXP for windows is a quality webcam. It is a reliable webcam that will not shut down for any reason. You can use it for work or talking to family. The webcam is easy to install and only takes minutes to download on your laptop or personal device. Many companies around the world are using the webcam due to the scare of covid-19.
I was looking for good surveillance software to use because of the area I live in, and the one that worked the best was webcamXP. I use it with Windows on a computer specifically made for it. The user interface is the easiest to navigate from the various other webcam software I used. It also shows everything I need on one screen rather than multiple like the others I have used. Great product
WebcamXP for Windows is an interesting application through which the user can interact with other users through a web camera. It has a variety of functions that allow you to customize and optimize the image from the webcam. It is easy to install. You only need a personal server that allows the opening of ports. WebcamXP can be downloaded for free in its latest version for Windows XP in any language.
WebcamXP is a piece of surveillance software that is available in a few different versions: Free, Private, and Pro. This piece of software is utilized for surveillance from 2 to an unlimited number of video sources, depending on the version you download. WebcamXP allows you to stream and upload the content captured by your cameras and includes features such as audio and motion detection.
nice product! nice product! it allows single and multi-camera views and recording. its just perfect stuff for me. I'd probably will make use of this like right now
"Great for taking photos or videos in surveillance mode" PROS Easy to use and reliable. No junk software or pop-ups with it. CONS Must pay to get full features SUMMARY I recommend you use this for your uses of webcam-based surveillance or auto snapshots on a time loop.
webcamXP was one of the software i used for surveillance of my home. it provided multiple cam result even in the free version you can use 2 camera at the same time. the best was there was no hassle in using the software it is so easy to use. it also has other feature as well and one of them is motion detection and it worked pretty well.
this is a surveillance software that would allow people to be watching every time. This is a very helpful software that makes people wathc their surroundings and whatnot and also know that there are folks out there that do their thing to people in the long run. this is a crazy and collected company that does its thing to help people
webcamXP is the best software which is famous software which can detect the meetings, faces and video calls in superior quality.
WebcaXP is a great thing for you! It can do a whole lot of stuff for you such as help you with your surveillance issues and you can also use it to keep track of everything that you need to! I highly recommend that you try it and I can personally guarantee that you'll love it! It's an amazing thing! And I know you'll feel the same. I feel much more secure now!
Webcamxp is a program that turns your PC into a security system and allows you to monitor your possessions. You can connect remotely by not only using your PC but you can also use your phone. You can setup automated recordings and you can broadcast these to a website, in addition to the program supporting various network cameras. This program uses moderate resources on your computer and supports the following: Javascript clients, JPEG images, Flash client, Flash Video Streaming, Microsoft Windows Media Streaming, and Windows Mobile Client.
Lightweight and easy to use program with a user-friendly interface. Allows flexibility with options like Motion detection and abilty to handle alerts. Supports audio from network cameras and supports multiple devices and streaming modes. Can handle flash, Javascript, and windows mobile streaming modes. Straightforward server configuration settings that a novice can navigate easily. A very what you see is what you get program that should allow anyone to get a camera system up off the ground and running with ease.
Great software! I like how it stays true and keeps the features of other older and newer versions. This is the perfect program to watch my security cameras.
I personally use webcamXP as a baby monitor, but the possibilities are endless. You can basically turn your webcam into a security system and use other electronics to keep close eye on what's going on in your surroundings. It is much easier and cheaper than buying a whole separate system. I set up everything in about 5 minutes while is phenomenal. I highly recommend it based on ease of use and versatility.
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