by Abelssoft

A program that scans your computer to remove toolbars you don't want

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Abelssoft

Release: ToolbarTerminator 2018.5.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ToolbarTerminator is an excellent tool that has three major benefits to users.

First, it gets rid of toolbars that might otherwise clutter your computer space. It will also get rid of software that's lurking in the background of your web browser, including those software programs that are difficult to track.

Second, it's incredibly easy to use. The program will give you a list of any toolbar that it detects in an organized, comprehensive dashboard display. All you need to do from there is just click once to get rid of a toolbar.

Third, this tool stays current, so you can be sure that you're removing toolbars regardless of how they've changed over time or resurfaced in newly released versions. Toolbars are quite similar to viruses because they're always changing and taking new forms, but ToolbarTerminator recognizes this fact.

The "ToolbarDefinition" updates will allow you to track down those new forms, giving you additional peace of mind that you're doing everything you can to optimize the display on your browser. The best part about ToolbarDefinition updates is that these updates are completely free, making this tool an even better value. Beyond these three great benefits, I also love the clean, simple interface that this program offers. The layout is intuitive, and even a novice would be able to figure out how to use this tool. A smiley face appears telling you that everything is "All fine" when your toolbars have been scanned and appropriately removed. You can always click a button to rescan to make sure you've caught everything.

I also appreciate that this program supports pretty much any major web browser you can think of. ToolbarTerminator will scan your computer and give you an overview of each browser. I find this to be extremely helpful since I usually toggle between Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome and thus need this program to work across all these different browsers. Finally, I really like how this program scans your computer every single time you start up Windows. It doesn't get more convenient than that, because ToolbarTerminator essentially works on autopilot. I find this to be the perfect solution to remove toolbars that are clunky, annoying, and visually distracting. Overall, I am so impressed by how this program gives me back control over my browser. I no longer have to worry that downloading a new application to my computer is going to introduce unwanted toolbars, thanks to ToolbarTerminator. 

This program works on any major browser to de-clutter your system of unwanted toolbars

  • Support for all major browsers
  • Works quickly and efficiently with just one click
  • Clean user interface
  • Free updates, assuring you that you can kill newly evolved toolbars, too.
  • Safely removes toolbars without disrupting anything else on your system
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