by Cybrook

A security program for monitoring areas or any valuables

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cybrook

Release: TrackView

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TrackView serves as an application that allows the user to connect their devices, such as smartphones, tablet devices, PC’s, laptops, etc. and then turn them into a functional mobile security system. It comes with various features, including monitoring via audio and video, tracking address and location, reminders and status notifications, recording remotely and others such as providing two-way audio. TrackView is ideal for those looking for a reliable security app for monitoring via the devices that they already own. It is very much overlooked in terms of its functionality in allowing users to use their own devices to serve as security in various areas and for various purposes. It is a premium and reliable application that performs as advertised.

With the supplemental application TrackView Desktop, the user is able to gain round the clock protection in real-time. You are protected wherever you go that the device is. This application is great for users looking for security options, perhaps for their home, bedroom, or other areas needing security with valuable items and information. Acting as a security monitor, it very much can replace any high-end security program or system that you can purchase online or in stores.

TrackView provides real-time tracking, meaning that items can be tracked, as well as family members, vehicles, and other valuable items such as lost or stolen devices. It provides video monitoring, which means that you can monitor anything from your home to any other location of interest. With a simple push of a button, you have access to a completely functional security system. You are able to signal the system for remote recording from wherever you are so that you know what is going on without the need for physically altering the device. It also provides instant alerts to keep the user updated on any potentially suspicious activity of interest.

Provides options for remote video recording, audio recording, location tracking, instant alerts, etc.

  • Security system
  • Utilize any mobile device or PC or laptop
  • Real-time protection
  • Instant alerts
  • Video recording and audio recording remotely
TrackView 3.8.1 (14.82 MB)
TrackView (15.12 MB)
TrackView (15.14 MB)
Need to secure your devices, Use it and all of your devices become secure with single Gmail account. access them even in silent mode or extremely low battery, it's using very low power. Use the camera with audio and many more functions available in this app. I found it very use full and sure every user will enjoy it a lot. over all its fantastic.
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