by Seventh String Software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Seventh String Software

Last revision: Last week

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Traditional music players (such as hardware, such as CD or iPod players, or software, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes) are designed primarily for those who listen to music in its entirety. However, they are unsuitable for decrypting any audio recordings, as they do not contain the necessary functions. In that case, Transcribe comes to the rescue!

The Transcribe app is an indispensable tool for those who need to listen to a selected piece of music in detail, for example, to decipher it, or to play it for themselves, or both.

Of course, the application itself does not shift the music, but it is a specialized player that will help decipher it. The program contains many specific features necessary for such activities, which you will not find in traditional music players. The program is also convenient for decoding speech. Featuring pedal support and excellent slow motion implementation, it's a great choice for such tasks. The program includes a comprehensive help file explaining all the functions of the program.

Adam (unverified)
I don't know what this does. It's function seems like something that could be done by your PC's sound, and media software. Windows 10 might not but I think 7, and 8 probably do. There's already plenty of sound and video editing software available even if you do use Windows 10 that makes you pay for what use to be included in Microsoft operating systems.
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