by Arlt Software Solutions

Allows you to translate multiple languages

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Arlt Software Solutions

Release: Transmiti 1.72

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Transmiti for Windows is a great tool if you don't know specific languages and you need them translated with a program or application that you are using, Transmiti is designed so you can translate the languages on a specific platform without ever knowing the language that is there. You can simply copy and paste the text into Transmiti for windows and it will translate the languages for you without having to do anything else, so you can go to a Spanish website and have it translated for English or French if you so desire. Transmiti  is great for people who have trouble reading in other languages or writing in other languages, it does all the work for you regardless of the language or dialect. Transmiti for windows will make sure your work gets done properly without having to stress or anything about it.Transmiti for is free to use and very easy to use actually, it's a couple of clicks and you get your translation right there ahead of your eyes! It's a fantastic free product that you should have on deck if you are doing work with other people or other languages, I personally enjoy this product because it's so easy to use and just doesn't require much work. 


  • free
  • easy
  • fast
  • easy translation

the conclusion for Transmiti is that it's easy and fast to use, you don't have to worry about anything other than just typing in the text box and have it translate the language that its currently in, you do not have to do anything else, it's free to use and very fast translation and very accurate as well. Transmiti will supply you will all the proper dialect and languages that you might need to have translated on the platform.

Angela Rogers
I needed an easier to use translation tool and i found this one. Its a quick learn and works wonders. The best part is that its free too! If you need a translation tool you definitely should get this one!
Arthur Allman
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