by Thomas Bigler

A Vietnamese keyboard-input utility program

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Thomas Bigler

Release : UniKey 4.6

Antivirus check: passed

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UniKey doesn't do much more than it promises it does, so it just practically provides a simple tool to help you rebind and reconfigure, counting more of a keyboard instrument if anything. Ultimately the software is divided into a base program and its system core, one which is often used by Vietnamese using symbols or typing functions. In addition, UniKey also consists of basic Morse code (Vietnamese, of course) - TELEX, VIQR, and VNI. It is cross-platform and open-source, permitting certain integrations to be done, or moved to another device if desired (also being considerably light at that).

Some basic options allow for things like switching hotkey, beeping sound upon the switch itself, built-in spell-checking, a clipboard for Unicode, startup options, and more. There is even an inbuilt macro that works greatly and provides a fast tool for writing larger chunks of text/copying something, all of this to be done in mere seconds (also configurable with macro table). Other than being able to work even in off mode, UniKey can also be set to show task notifications, on/off per-app mode, and some other extra options to trick around with.


UniKey focuses on changing the specific keybinds of the buttons to those of Vietnamese ones, also synergizing well with some other input methods
  • Simple interface that is compiled in a single utility window
  • Many options and settings to optimize your typing sessions and similar
  • Default button to set everything back to the base configuration
  • Help section to guide you to the proper software use and some extra information on program structure 
  • A software-related webpage that has all the previous versions, some documentation, and an About unit

And slowly we arrive at the end of this summary, having listed most of the features the software possesses and how it works on the inside. Well, the only thing left to mention is probably the high amount of other encoding/set methods, which also play a role if you utilize those. Thus, the software is one of the best Vietnamese language-focused solutions out there, having a solid quantity of various handy features and extra instruments that interconnect with those.

Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Supports many applications including Office, Word, Excel
Users can customize the keyboard configuration
Free to download and use

Works with many operating systems and applications
High level of customizable keyboard configurations
Free and easy to use, even for tech novices

Limited tech support is available for troubleshooting issues.
No native mobile application is available.
Might be complicated for non-tech-savvy users.
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