UniTest System

by Sight2k

Allows for computer testing on windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sight2k

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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UniTest System is a package for creating and running tests and analyzing test results. Users of the program can design their own tests, including multiple-choice questions, direct-entry questions, etc. UniTest System can be used both on one computer and in local networks of enterprises and institutions, allowing mass testing. If a response is required in the test, the program can analyze the text entered by the user for the presence of keywords in it. For example, the test can be configured so that if the answer to the question "What is a bacterium? UniTest System finds the word "microorganism", then the user receives 1 point, "prokaryotes" - 2 points, etc. Images, audio and video files can be included in the tests. It supports automatic creation of tests based on a random sample of questions from the database. Based on the test results, the program generates customizable reports. Test results can be filtered, sorted, etc. Crypting is used in the process of testing, which provides data security.

I use UniTest System in the classroom for my students to prepare them for bigger exams. What's good about UniTest is that it will catch partial credit correct answers if the students use some keywords that are in the answer. It allowed for me to score them on their overall comprehension/effort rather than just a hard incorrect/correct response.
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UniTest System is a thorough testing arrangement that permits to configuration, regulate and handle your own tests. programming to make tests, tests, surveys, and tests, give tests, oversee grade book reports and measurements. Considers PC testing on windows. UniTest System is a bundle for making and running tests and dissecting test results.
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