by Key Metric Software, LLC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Key Metric Software, LLC

Last revision: Last week

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FolderSizes is a program that helps you identify the files and folders that eat up the most space on your hard drive. In a few seconds, the application will scan all the data contained on the computer and build a visual diagram, which will show the ratio of the directory size to the total size of the hard drive. The data can be displayed both in megabytes and as a percentage.

In addition, the program provides the user with a lot of additional information. This includes the date the folder was created, the time of the latest changes, the total number of internal folders and files, and their nesting level. FolderSizes has a very simple, neat interface and allows you to easily select a hard disk area for analysis. She's going to be a great help to those who are trying to keep order on their computer.

- support of 32 and 64-bit systems;

- the program allows you to calculate the time of existence and volume of each folder on the hard disk;

- high speed of operation;

- the possibility of customizing the finished chart.

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