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A program which will turn off and turn on Your computer at that given time

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LoadBoard

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Perhaps each of us has ever needed to automatically shut down or turn on the computer at a specified time. TimePC is designed for this purpose. The utility is extremely easy to use and also knows how to minimize itself into the system tray in order not to disturb the user. The application is fully Russified, "weighs" only a couple of megabytes, but offers the user a lot of settings. TimePC can quit running programs on its own before shutting down the computer. For example, it will allow you to automatically close the player if you take a nap while watching a movie.

The shutdown can be scheduled for any time and date. In addition, the program can play the selected music or video when you start the system. For the correct operation of the program it is necessary to have an ACPI interface (responsible for power management). It is supported by most modern computers by default.

- allows you to schedule a shutdown for any day and time;

- allows you to play a media file when you start Windows;

- knows how to automatically close programs launched by the user;

- is easy to use and set up;

- can work in the background.

TimePC is an easy-to-use system tray software utility intended to automatically power on or power off one's computer at a time that is user specified. The program packs a lot of power for it's small file size (several megabytes).
TimePC is a simple product that works extremely well. I occasionally will need to have my computer shut down at a certain time, say, when I'm downloading media or uploading content after I leave work. I don't want to leave the machine running all night, so being able to time when it shuts down is a huge life saver. I also enjoy being able to program some of my favorite songs when the computer starts up. A definite plus...
TimePC is a free program which will turn off and turn on your computer at that given time
TimePC for Windows is a software which allows one to be able to time their computer which time to power it on or off. This happens automatically without one touching the computer. The software is free to use and it can be downloaded from the internet and one can also check the software reviews before downloading the software. The software can be used in different windows such as widows 7,8 and 10 with a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system. It can also be updated with time when a newer version has been released.
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