Macro Recorder

by JitBit Software

Macro Recorder for Windows makes those boring repetitive task easy

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: JitBit Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Macro Recorder is a program designed to automate routine processes running on a computer. With Macro Recorder, you can create macros that will run the right programs for you, enter text, click, and more. Such macros are created very simply by clicking on the macro record button and then performing the required actions. All keystrokes, cursor movements and mouse clicks will be recorded. Later, to repeat all the recorded actions, just run the macro. The program supports command line operation and can be minimized to the system tray. To play back mouse clicks, Macro Recorder uses cursor coordinates (X/Y), so to work correctly with this or that macro, it is necessary that the program windows are located exactly the same way as when the macro was recorded.

so this review will a be a lot short, because i do not understand who in the world would want to know how many clicks their computer mouse makes. Nor who would want to know there key strokes. Im guessing you have to be really obsessed with something to want to know something as weird as that.
I love that there is a free trial, but it is a little hard to understand what a macro is by the descriptions. Unless you are targeting people who already know what a macro is, it could be easily skipped over because it is complex to understand.
The Macro Recorder for Windows is great for very repetitive tasks. I have to enter the same repetitive account numbers when entering invoices and this has REALLY helped that process. A very neat tool that has saved me a lot of time. It also helps with repetitive text, just record once and use again and again.
MAcro recorder is used to find the images on a screen.It comes with full windows-shell integration. It is mainly used to record all the things in visual basic for application. It is easy to use and install. There is no complicated steps to install this. It is really a good handy piece of software which is highly recommended to use. It saves my time
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