by UbiSoft Entertainment

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: UbiSoft Entertainment

Last revision: Last week

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uPlay is a client of the official digital store from the well-known developer of computer games and video games - the company Ubisoft. It is a kind of analogue of Steam and Origin and at the same time it is a social network for gamers. This shop has appeared rather recently, but has already spread across the computers of thousands of avid players. The client allows the user to purchase digital copies of games that have been developed or published in Ubisoft. In addition, you can download demo versions of the company's projects, as well as games distributed on the Free4Play model, free of charge.

With uPlay you can play comfortably with friends and strangers in multiplayer modes such as Assasins Creed, Splinter Cell, Far Cry, Rayman and so on. All transactions in uPlay are made with the help of the internal currency, which in turn can be purchased for real money or earned by participating in all kinds of events and contests. The points can be spent not only on purchasing games, but also on DLC for them and other related content.

- allows you to easily purchase games created or published by Ubisoft;

- has a nice user interface;

- makes it possible to play comfortably with other users over the network;

- is some kind of social network for gamers;

- provides a wide range of demo versions of games and Free4Play projects.

Scott (unverified)
uPlay is a relatively new digital store of Ubisoft. uPlay gives you points when you play with friends or random people, these can be used within their store.
Logan (unverified)
uPlay is my new preferred social network for the world of video games and gamers. I can purchase and download a variety of my favorite Ubisoft games, and can even play demos of some of the companies products too... The user interface is simple to use and easy to understand, and you can play with users of the network all over the world very simply. I spend a lot of time on uPlay.
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