USB Block


Protective software that protects your data from USB theft and viruses

Operating system: Windows


Release: USB Block 1.7.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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In addition to all the nasty internet viruses circling the web, one form of data theft and viral infection that most people don't consider is USB theft. Simple inserting the wrong "thumb drive" into your computer can have serious consequences. You can lose everything on your hard drive in a millisecond if you're not careful. USB Block is an essential software to have if you're sitting on a pile of confidential files, or if you frequently use USB devices. USB Block will memorize and catalog your preferred USB devices while providing extensive authenticity scans on new devices. USB Block can also memorize and label your trusted backup hard drives, ports, or other devices similar to thumb drives. Then, afterward, as you're going about your business, USB Block will monitor for hack attempts and wrong password inputs. It will also log any history of illegal activity. Once again, all of this monitoring takes place in the background as you go about your day. 

USB Block is also great to have in an office setting. The software works great for companies as well as individuals. USB Block has already received several awards for its contributions to the prevention of data theft and leakage; including, 5 stars at FileGuru, 5 stars at SnapFiles, 5 stars at WinSite, and 5 stars at SOFTPEDIA.

USB Block was published by NewSoftwares LLC and had a 4-star rating on For more information or testimonials, a simple Google search will suffice. In the grand scheme of things, this product has already proven itself countless times. It is a MUST for anyone managing sensitive data on their personal computers or in an office setting. 

Adds another safeguard against data theft and viral infection
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