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UVLayout is a stand-alone application for the creation and editing of UV

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UVLayout is a 3D model UV coordinate editor. Working with coordinates is the earliest stage of creating a three-dimensional object. At this stage, the user specifies a "skeleton" of the model from two-dimensional lines that indicate the contours of the object. Later on, textures and animations are superimposed on the created grid. UVLayout is one of the simplest and most specialized tools of its kind. It is most often used by independent game developers.

The program allows you to create and edit ready-made models in OBJ, PLY and UVL formats, includes tools for symmetry adjustment, as well as functions for alignment of edges and creation of quick markup. It can copy similar areas of UV, morph models, "glu" transitions and change textures according to the scan. UVLayout offers the user a variety of transparency, segmentation and advanced connector settings for Maya.

The first time you run the program, the OpenGL test will be run, which will determine the performance of the system and select the optimal parameters for displaying the model in the working window. They can also be configured independently from a special panel that appears immediately after the completion of OpenGL testing. On the working panel there are keys to switch between the visualization modes (standard, X-ray, textured model), sliders to adjust the perspective and other controls of the object on the working area.

- is designed to work with UV coordinates of three-dimensional objects;

- can create and edit files in OBJ, UVL and PLY formats;

- allows you to copy areas of the UV-grid, change textures for scaling, morph objects, glue small transitions, align edges at the scan borders and configure connectors for Maya;

- allows you to add objects from several files to one scene;

- automatically determines the optimal OpenGL parameters.

I love that I am able to render 3d mesh items with this product. It works really fast. I was worried at first that I would have had to scan hundreds of images which would take quite some time. But with this UVLayout for windows it doesn't take long at all.
UV layout is an incredible software to create UV texture coordinates for 3D surfaces. Anyone can use this software from hobby person to professionals. This software is heavily used in the gaming and visual effect industry. This software has all the tools to create advanced level UV textures which are not attainable through a normal software. This software is available for most of the platforms: Windows ,Mac and Linux at a very reasonable price.
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