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Dia is a simple open source application for drawing and editing diagrams. The program gives you only what you need to create a design of a certain level and does not burden you with unnecessary functionality and information. Unlike commercial Windows "Visio", it is not aimed at creating official documentation, but rather at working use.

- Dia can be used to create different kinds of diagrams;

- Currently, the program includes special objects designed to create block diagrams of program algorithms, database diagrams, network diagrams in the field of electrics, hydraulics and programming;

- Dia allows you to add written support for new forms of simple XML files, using a subset of SVGs to create shapes;

- in Dia, you can download and save charts in custom XML format (files are compressed by default to save space);

- The application allows you to export charts in various formats, including EPS, SVG, Xfig, WMF and PNG;

- Dia allows you to print documentation, including multi-page documentation.

DIA is a new drawing application, very different then commercial Windows. It is not aimed to crate official documents but more for working use. It lets you to add written forms of XML Files, it also lets you to export charts in different formats like SVG, WMP AND PNG. It lets you print out documents, its more for a working use then a design use.
DIA is an amazing piece of software that i use when creating photos and when I draw things by hand or need a level of detail and professionalism look. Downloading, saving, and bringing up these drawings is simple to do and works effectively.
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