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Operating system: Windows

Release: VCF Viewer 1.1

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VCF Viewer is a program that allows the user to transfer contact information more efficiently.


  • When a person has a bunch of contacts located in one designated location with specific information regarding address or email, it can be very tedious to select the contact information individually and input them one-by-one. To save time and address this issue, VCF viewer is a Windows software that enables users who need to transfer contact information more efficiently from one operating system into another. The contact information is saved as a .vcf file which can be located quite quickly and selected. Once the contact is saved as a .vcf file, it can be imported with ease. 
  • This program can be used across many different platforms or operating systems like Mac or Windows. The program allows users to switch the files from the Microsoft Outlook program into .vcf files. These files can be saved and used throughout multiple operating systems and allow efficient use of time.
  • Other than storing information via operating systems, other contact information can be uploaded or extracted from email services like Google, Yahoo, or Hotmail. If contact information is found in the email and needs to be extracted, the contact information can be exported and saved as a collective .vcf file. However, if contact information is stored elsewhere, it can be imported if the emailing services are adapted to doing to which a majority are. 
  • VCF can save other information other than contact. While it can be used through multiple platforms, it can also allow users to save various forms of files like media (music) or images. This provides many different advantages for the user like making a business card or forming a resume to send. There are many ways to store this information and to extract it for either personal or professional use.

VCF Viewer specifically for windows is a worldwide platform that allows users to collect and send information to one another.

This software provides many different ways to collect and send information to various platforms.
Aaron Yates
VCF Viewer is a software for Windows designed to help export contact data located in one location like Microsoft Outlook as well as importing or exporting contact information from web based services like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. Contacts are stored in a .vcf file which can be used in Windows or Mac operating systems. The software can also extract media or other files from emails and offers to provide a worldwide platform for people to receive and send contact information and aid in the creation of activities like creating business cards or resumes.
VCF Viewer is essential for working with print VCF files. It is compatible with all Windows OS versions and allows for the conversion of VCF files to CSV spreadsheet formats. It allows you to edit and create VCF files with ease and is simple and elegant in its interface. It is able to scan for VCF files on your device in order to know the array of VCF files present.
Matthew Berg
VSV Viewer is a great tool for viewing contacts saved in VCF files. I especially like that I don't have to use an email program to open and view VCF files. It has an awesome interface with folder support and has tons of contact fields you can use.
VCF viewer allows me to perform my job more efficiently.Instead of having to go through each individual VCF file individually and scroll though data VCF viewer simplifies it showing me what I need to see which is the name and phone number
If you have hundreds of vCard file contacts that you don't know what to do with, then you need to check out VCF Viewer for Windows. This software program will allow you to open those contacts and then preview and even read them, no matter what their file size is. Using VCF Viewer, you can collate and organize your contacts so they're easier to thumb through.
The other day I was searching on the internet for a VCF viewer and found VCF Viewer for Windows. It has all the features I am looking for and super easy to install. It displays Vcard contacts and images and views contact details. It also allows me to sort the contacts and is compatible with single and multiple contact files. It presents my contacts in a visually pleasing way and I am loving life.
I love using VCF Viewer for Windows because it's a program that allows me to quickly, efficiently identify all of the contacts that are stored on my phone. It's a pretty basic tool since it just displays a contact's name and their corresponding phone number, but it definitely gets the job done if that's all you're looking for it to do.
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