Visio Viewer

by FoxPDF Corporation

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FoxPDF Corporation

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.43393

Visio Viewer is an application from FoxPDF Corporation designed for printing and viewing Microsoft Office Visio documents. The program is absolutely free. It is a great tool for viewing VSD files on your computer. You can also use it to view TXT and RTF files.

The main feature of Visio Viewer is that the program does not require the installation of Microsoft Office Visio itself. Several options will be offered to view the documents. Printing in Visio Viewer is very easy and similar to other programs. If necessary, you can change the orientation of the document, pan and zoom. Viewing is very convenient, the image quality. If desired, documents can be sent directly from the program interface to e-mail. If you often have to view and print Microsoft Office Visio documents, this application is sure to be useful. It will provide all the necessary functions for working with VSD documents. And it's all completely free.

- View Microsoft Office Visio files;

- working with RTF and TXT;

- the ability to print documents;

- scaling of the document and other settings;

- the program is completely free.

Aidan (unverified)
Visio Viewer is an application from FoxPDF its designed to work with RTF AND TXT. To print and view Microsoft Office Visio Documents. The best part of it is that the VISIO VIEWER is completely free. It provides necessary functions for working with VSD documents. I would definitely give it a try, and if its free of charge i would definitely use it a lot.
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