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Operating system: Windows

Release: Blumind 1.3

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.41101

What's special about this product is that I'm able to handle the way I map out my business accordingly, whether it's business partners or my customers, and It's so organized and detailed. I can put percentages of how far everyone is ahead, notes on certain topics and sub-topics, and so much more, and that really excites me! I'd even say that you could use it as a progression of seeing where everyone is at, what their deadlines may be, and as everyone moves forward, to finish the ultimate task together as one unit. It's also nice to change the colors to what you want it to be, and not be restricted to a certain color scheme, so the mind map can be more in tune with your vision. The only limit is your imagination!


  • Having a save feature is always good!
  • Being able to map out and organize everything that you have, breaking down your thoughts, into ideas, and game plans
  • Being very precise with what you have, where it should go, saving accordingly, and if you make a mistake, you can just delete it and re-do it without any issue
  • Being able to capture what you have jotted down, IMMEDIATELY. You can also open and create new mind maps as well.

The great thing about this program is that it's not just restricted to your thoughts and ideas, but just getting a basis of what your organization might look like as a whole, as well as visualizing what the next part of the game plan will be, and where you will go. It's always good to see the overall picture of what you need to look at, so you can SEE yourself there, and then stepping into it. Blumind definitely goes into making that happen, and so much more. With Blumind, I don't see how you can go wrong!

To be able to get a visual on how your thoughts are mapped and planned out is a blessing in itself. I never knew of any other tech out there like it.

Just have windows on your PC, and you'll be good to go! It's totally free!

Blumind 1.3 (0.63 MB)
Rob_Price (unverified)
Blumind is a handy and smart personal management program which can easily help you construct mind maps to get a handle on your business, schoolwork, or any other endeavor which requires a degree of organization to run effectively. Record and update your thoughts, inspirations, ideas and brainstorm sessions to keep things running smoothly and to implement improvements in an efficient and effective manner.
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