by Midimaster

Makes mastering music easier for you through reading music skills

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Midimaster

Release: Rhythm-Trainer 2.0.20

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software is used for people trying to learn how to listen to rhythms and learn how to read music. This software is a free download program, it is a flash based program. There are two types of exercises, the first exercise is called Mode. This exercise consists of clicking the mouse based on the rhythm that you hear. The second exercise is called B- Mode. This exercise consists of seeing a rhythm and picking a sound that matches that rhythm. At the end of these exercises, you can email your results to yourself, your teachers, or whoever you want to so they can see what you are doing in this program. Within 20 levels you can become perfect at your timing for rhythms. The bars for the exercises are exposed on the screen, you can play on your computer or even on a piano keyboard. You can see all your answers as you do the different exercises and analyze your actions and change the strategies for the selection of the bars. This program works on most of the current Windows operating systems. 

This software is better than other softwares due to its various achievements you can gain through practice.

  • Rhythm-Trainer Has A Free and Safe Download
  • Rhythm-Trainer Latest Version Available
  • Program Works with All Windows Versions Available
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James Peetz
this application is for music lovers. guy if you are interesting with rhytms and you like studying, it's for you. this app has two mode A- listening and teaching rhytms and B-is like a game you. i really enjoyed this and highly recomended to music lovers
This is a free and safe program published by Midimaster, to help with your rhythm. This program does use flash and is available on most windows computers. There is two modes available; the first you click when you hear the rhythm, the second mode the rhythm is visualized for you. This program will help you read music with 20 fun levels and at the end you can have your results emailed to you or your teacher!
Rhythm-Trainer for Windows is a teaching tool used for helping users learn how to follow predictable rhythms and how to read sheet music. The software has many levels you can go through that will help you improve your musical ability.
Jay Stambaugh
Rhythm-Trainer for Windows allows you to train with reading sheet music for any musicians who are trying to prepare for their music studies and sheet reading at a certain pace, maybe can assist with cite reading, this app will be of great assistance. I am going to download it. The fact that its free makes me know that this is not a complete loss, I have the freedom to try out the full program without spending a dime and if it is beneficial then lucky me.
It is a software that helps people to master the music rhythm sight reading skills. We are supposed to see the music notes that are displayed on the screen and tap on the appropriate music note on the screen simultaneously to create a musical tone. There are many achievements that can be earned while using the software.
After graduating, I didn't have an easy time finding ways to keep up my music literacy without going somewhere and paying a lot of money. I searched for various apps to see if they would help any, but a majority of them were for learning rather than retaining musical knowledge. When I found Rhythm Trainer it helps with not on retention, but also sight-reading. It also shows accuracy and other statistics to get myself to try to improve.
Rhythm-Trainer by Midimaster is a free flash program for music lovers and students that is supported by most windows computers. There are two modes available allowing users a more immersive learning experience. The first mode requires the user to click when they hear the rhythm whereas in the second mode the rhythm is shown visually for you. With 20 teaching levels included in this program, it is sure to be a fun and beneficial way to train new music readers and to keep more advanced musicians sharp.
The prodcut is very helpful for anyone who wants to get into music. They can keep track with a rhythm.
Rhythm Trainer for Windows is an incredible software program. It has really benefited my child with his music. It helps him to read the music, while teaching him to maintain a proper rhythm. I am amazed by the usefulness of this software. I will refer everyone I know to try this product out.I am in love with this product I was very surprised when my son's music teacher mentioned this software. I would have never believed that a product like this would have even existed.It is the best ever!
If you are interested in making music or work with music, Rhythm Trainer is the software for you. As a musician, I have been using this software for a while now. I have used many softwares for my work, and I can tell you that this is the best one I worked with. You can play rhythm by tapping on the music notes on this software. You can also earn various achievements while practicing which will keep you interested to continue working.
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