VLC Media Player

by VideoLAN

Great video player that's easy to install and can handle any type of media.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: VideoLAN

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.914

I've found VLC Media Player to be my favorite media player for the computer ever. I first found it when I had downloaded a video that was encoded with some strange uncommon codec that I was having a lot of trouble tracking down. I found what that VLC Media Player was actually able to play that video file without me having that codec installed. I later found out that VLC Media Player is capable of playing virtually every sort of video file you can throw at it without having to download or install any special codecs. The program is incredibly easy to use using standard controls in order to play, pause, stop a media file, or to skip to a different media file on the playlist. You can use it to play a DVD or Blu-ray as well in which case its menus will automatically let you jump between chapters. Its menus will also let you automatically turn on subtitles in any language on the disc, change between camera angles, or change between audio languages. It lets you do anything you want on the fly! If you have a downloaded video file that has somehow gotten damaged VLC Media Player will let you change the playback speed of either the video or audio in order to sync it up properly. VLC Media Player lets you zoom in on the video if you would like to adjust your view for any reason. It also has some fun features like letting you turn the video output into a slider puzzle or it can generate visualizations for audio content. Overall VLC Media Player is an absolutely amazing little program that is very easy to download and install, taking up practically no room on your computer, that can handle nearly everything thrown at it. The entire product is absolutely free, unless you would like to make a donation. Best of all its available across a variety of operating systems including mobile ones so you can take your favorite video player anywhere you want with you!

This video player is able to handle any type of file without having to install additional codecs.

VLC Media Player will work on essentially any computer so there's not really any requirements for it.

Robert Buck (unverified)
VLC Media Player is incredibly convenient and easy to use. I am not very good with computers, but VLC Media Player was easy to figure out. It makes video playing a lot faster than the software that was already built into my computer. Less laggy, and a way better interface. I definitely recommend giving VLC Media Player a shot if you find yourself downloading a bunch of different types of video files.
Elle Jay (unverified)
I love this app! That little orange cone always puts a smile on my face. VLC is one of the most versatile and reliable media players out there- I personally have used it for years. You can play almost any type of file using this player. I have used it to play files that no other player would play! Highly recommend this app to absolutely everyone.
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