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Winamp is a free media player that allows you to manage your music library

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Winamp is a free media player that allows you to sync your music collection to your smartphone and helps you to manage your music library. With Winamp, you can stream music over the internet and share your favorite music with your friends and family.

Winamp also allows you to rip music and burn it to disc; although if you want full speed CD burning, you have to upgrade to the Pro version for $19.95.

Winamp was once a popular alternative to iTunes or Windows Media Player but has fallen out of favor; rumor has it though that Winamp is set to release a new update in 2019 that improves the service making it more competitive with modern streaming services. The new service is expected to improve the service of Winamp considerably and allow users to combine all their digital audio in one place. This includes podcasts, audiobooks, streaming radio stations, and music. Using Winamp has always been easy, as everything is categorized automatically when you select the appropriate directory.

Lots of third party support that allow for customization

There is great third-party support for Winamp that allows you to pull your music from Windows Media Player and a built-in tool for importing from iTunes. If next year’s update comes about as planned, then Winamp maybe your favorite music player once again, especially since the update is supposed to extend to mobile as well. I, for one, would love to see a modernized version of this iconic media player as it is so customizable and literally has decades of third-party support. Winamp is also not the resource hog that iTunes is and can be run well on just about everything.

John Fisher
Winamp is a a great media player that was once competitive with the Windows Media Player and iTunes, but fell out of flavor. Well, the days of Winamp being out of flavor are over, and I would encourage you to download this media player if you care about your music! I love the fact that this is a high-quality product, but also happens to be free. The gamechanger is the third party tools though. Now with Winamp you can integrate your iTunes and Windows media player to Winamp which you could not do in the past. Winamp will also have mobile support, so you can use iTunes on a mobile Android device due to the third-party integration! I love this software and encourage the rest of you guys to use it. I would rate Winamp a 10/10!
William Shinn
a media players for the older windows system to load and play audio and edit the audio.
Winamp is an absolute classic and has remained installed on all of my PCs since the early 2000s. It is a compact and low resource using application that can play all of your favorite songs, organize playlists, and has fun skins and equalizer add-ons that you can use to personalize the music player itself and really make it your own. No need to always see the boring metallic chrome finish of iTunes that everyone else has or the simple blue background of Windows Media Player. You can truly express yourself and also enjoy the fact you are using a historic and more efficient piece of software at the same time! Plus it is being actively developed unlike many music players out there!
I downloaded Winamp for my Windows desktop the other day. I've been enjoying my favorite tunes on it ever since. It supports many different audio and video formats and it's free. It's made by Nullsoft. I love the gui fo the multimedia player. That's important because I just love using it. On top of that, I get high-fidelity music all day long while I work.
Winamp is one of the best media players which are available in market.This application supports both audio and video file formats. It retrieve media files from hard disk or external source and create playlists easily. This application gives more number of designs and skins to use. We can listen more number of radios using it. Winamp supports all versions of Windows operating systems. It performs both audio and video encoding for better streaming.
Winamp is a music application. The application lets you take music that you have directly saved on your phone or somewhere else over WiFi which you then can play directly using Winamp. The application is built for music users that really love to sort their music which is why users can use various filters like being able to search by artist, album, and more. In addition to having filters, Winamp gives users a full playback history of when they listened to a certain song. Overall, Winamp may have some of the same features other music players have but it can still be a great option for any music listener.
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