Auto-Tune Evo

Correct Intonation and Timing Problems in Music Recordings

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Auto-Tune Evo is a popular and free program that corrects intonation and timing problems in music records, both vocal and instrumental. There is no distortion or artifacts when you use this software, and the audio comes out pristine, with the only difference between the original and corrected audio is the intonation and timing. This is all done with an interface that is fast and easy to use.

Auto-Tune Evo has two modes: Automatic Mode and Graphical Mode. Automatic Mode instantly detects the pitch of the audio inputted, identifies the closest scale of the audio, and corrects the audio’s pitch to match the scale. Graphical Mode presents the detected pitch envelope of the audio and allows you to modify the pitch and timing using easy-to-use graphics tools, allowing you to meticulously correct and modify the audio to any pitch and rhythm you would want!

The interface gives audio professionals a lot of options. Multiple voice types are supported depending on the user’s style, such as alto, soprano, low male, bass instrument, and many more! Once the input is in, users can create vibrato shape, change the amplitude, change formant amounts, as well as the onset rate and variation. There is also a Retune Speed control that allows you to match the retune rate to any performance style, and even create the iconic Auto-Tune Vocal Effect that is used in many popular songs.

Instantly Correct Intonation and Timing Problems!


  • Works With All Versions Of Windows
  • Accepts Many Input Types
  • Correct Pitch Issues Instantly
  • Graphics Tools Allow You To Change to Any Pitch And Much More!

Auto-Tune Evo is the choice of thousands of audio professionals because it saves time both in the studio and in editing. Say goodbye to endless retakes and frustration. Use Auto-Tune Evo and capture that once-in-a-lifetime performance the way it is meant to be heard!

Supports the Following Versions of Windows:

Windows 10

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows XP

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