by spiderip

A compact Windows app displaying public and local IP, hostname, and MAC address.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: spiderip

Release : WhatIsMyIP 2.0

Antivirus check: passed

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WhatIsMyIP is a Windows application that enables users to view their public IP address, host name, and proxy information. It also provides the opportunity to see the local IP address, host name, and MAC address. Designed to be unobtrusive and efficient, the application operates in the background of your Windows system, discreetly alerting you when your IP address changes or if your internet connection is lost.

In addition, WhatIsMyIP maintains a history of all IP address changes that occur, allowing you to look back and verify the times when your IP and Internet were disconnected. This can be particularly useful for users who want to monitor their internet connectivity over an extended period or for IT professionals needing to keep an eye on IP address changes.

  • Alerts for IP address changes or loss of internet connection
  • History of IP address changes for accurate tracking
  • Viewing of public and local IP addresses, host names, and MAC addresses
  • Setting of refresh interval for IP verification
  • Exportation of details to a notepad note

A settings page is available to set the IP address refresh interval, with a minimum interval of one minute. In addition, an export button is available to export all details to the notepad, thus making it easier to record and analyze IP address-related data.

"WhatIsMyIP allows users to track, record, and receive alerts about their IP address information and internet connectivity."

This application is a free software, ad-free, and requires no installation. It simply requires the Microsoft Dotnet Framework 4.0 on your system as a minimum requirement. In summary, WhatIsMyIP is a discreet but powerful tool for tracking and recording your IP address information and internet connectivity.

Windows OS XP or higher
Microsoft Dotnet Framework 4.0
Minimum 512MB RAM
Internet connection

Allows tracking and recording of IP address information.
Alerts user about IP changes or connection losses.
Exports details to notepad for easy record keeping.

Limited default refresh interval for IP verification.
No in-built troubleshooting solutions on disconnection.
Requires Microsoft Dotnet Framework 4.0.