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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: X-Ways Software

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WinHex is a universal editor that works in the hexadecimal system. For the most part, the program is used in various computer examinations, for low-level data recovery and processing and in information technology security systems. The application provides a rich set of tools for both emergency and everyday use. With this editor you can study and edit almost all types of files, recover deleted data and lost files from hard drives and digital memory cards, even if their file system is damaged.

Additionally, WinHex allows you to physically and logically edit disks with file systems FAT16, FAT32, CDFS and NTFS. If you have the Windows NT operating system installed, you will be able to edit the contents of the virtual memory of system processes. In addition to the above mentioned features, the program supports deletion of files from disks without the possibility of their further recovery, backup and cancellation of changes, data encryption, duplication of sectors and generation of random numbers.

- editor for hard drives and removable media;

- support for FAT, Ext2/3, NTFS, ReiserFS, UFS, Reiser4, UDF and CDFS file systems;

- Interpretation of active disk and RAID systems;

- different file recovery techniques;

- RAM editor;

- a data interpreter;

- editing data structures using templates;

- Combination and disaggregation of data;

- data comparison and analysis;

- flexible search and replacement systems;

- scripting and interface programming;

- checksum coding, AES, CRC32, random data;

- securely deletes private files;

- transfer of buffer formats, including ASCII hex;

- A set of characters: BM ASCII, ANSI ASCII, Unicode and IEBCDIC;

- to switch between windows;

- data printing;

- a random number generator;

- support for files larger than 4 GB;

- High reliability and speed of operation.

Oliver (unverified)
Today, customers like to see beautiful advertisements. there are a lot of unsafe software in internet and just showing a small picture can not provide an effective decision making process for customers. So, it is better to use more graphical items to show the qualification and features of the software.
Blake (unverified)
WinHex is an incredibly useful piece of software for power users, and primarily is a hexadecimal editor allowing inspecting and editing of a very vast variety of file types. Beyond editing and viewing files, this tool also allows the user to access data in virtual and physical memory and interpret data from these sources too. The tool is able to recognise 20 different data types and corectly interpret and display these when manipulating data.
Jay (unverified)
I like that the software you can use to manipulate lots of different programs and file types. I use it mainly for winrar because I do not have an editor for that and I also use it for certain doc files and it works great. I love how diverse it is in editing and how simple it is to use.
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