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WinMend Folder Hidden is a tool that allows you to hide folders and files so that they aren't visible

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WinMend Folder Hidden is a program that allows you to "hide" files and folders on local and removable media. It is intended primarily for home use and does not claim to be an ultimatum means of encrypting sensitive data. So the developers do not recommend it as a solution for commercial organizations and enterprises with an increased level of "secrecy".

Using the WinMend Folder Hidden is very easy. To "hide" a file or folder, simply drag and drop it to the program window. In the same window you can quickly change the status of files and folders from "hidden" to "visible", sort objects by different parameters and perform mass operations on them. Files on USB drives that you hide with this program will remain the same when connected to another computer. In order to see them, you will need to install the WinMend Folder Hidden and enter the master password. This master password is set in the program at the first start and is requested at each subsequent login. There are no password recovery systems in the program, so be sure to remember (or write down) the password so you don't lose access to your files.

WinMend Folder Hidden works with any file systems and media types. The data "hidden" by it cannot be "seen" from third party programs and under other accounts. The program is completely free and does not contain advertising.

- allows you to hide files and folders on local and removable media;

- allows you to quickly change the status of objects from "hidden" to "visible" and back;

- the program is accessed using the selected "master password";

- works with all file systems and media types;

- is completely free, does not contain advertising.

The software is a unique product. It hides file in folders in area of the file. It also is cool that is hide files on folders that is connected to the computer by usb. It can be useful to hides files from other user on the computer.
o you have sensitive information on your computer that shouldn't be seen by other people? Then you need a program like WinMend Folder Hidden. With WinMend Folder Hidden you can easily hide selected files and folders on your hard drive or any other removable drive, and therefore make them invisible for any other person who uses your computer. The data will remain hidden for other programs as well, even if accessed from another operating system installed on the same computer.
A useful file management utility that lets you hide folders and files so that they aren't visible
Reece W******x
WinMend Folder Hidden is a free and easy-to-use file and folder hidden tool for Windows. It can quickly and safely hide your private folder and its subfolders and files from being seen and accessed by others. It is an ideal choice for protecting your personal data such as financial records, private photos, confidential business information and a variety of other sensitive data.
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