Wise Folder Hider

by WiseCleaner.com

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WiseCleaner.com

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.92360

The Wise Folder Hider is a simple yet effective utility that allows you to hide any confidential data from other users of your computer. It hides the files in such a way that it is almost impossible for outsiders to guess their presence. In addition, hidden files and folders are protected from accidental destruction.

The user interface of this application differs convenience and practicality that allows to orientate quickly in it even to the inexperienced user. To hide a file (or folder), simply move it to the Wise Folder Hider workspace. And if you're still not sure about the degree of information security, you can set an additional level of protection - set a password. In addition, the Wise Folder Hider lets you hide removable data drives, such as portable hard drives or USB drives, from the public eye.

- simple and practical user interface;

- allows you to hide not only files, but also folders;

- Protect hidden data from being intentionally deleted;

- allows you to set a password as an additional security level;

- allows you to hide removable data drives;

- support for multiple accounts, allowing different users to work with the utility.

Muhammad (unverified)
"WISE FOLDER HIDER" was not a problem to download-it was downloaded in a matter of seconds. Price is not an object "WISE FOLDER HIDER" is Free of charge. I checked in my windows C:drive to see if the software product had safely downloaded and it did. It is also beneficial to know that WISE FOLDER HIDER comes with updates and users can also receive technical support. A few simple click my private or sensitive information, i.e. removable devices, photos, video or confidential documents can remain PRIVATE.
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