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You need the ultimate organizational and note-keeping tool for work, business, and personal things

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Publisher: WorkFlowy

Release : WorkFlowy 1

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Getting organized and taking control of your daily activities is an important yet hectic task. Therefore, WorkFlowy does this for you by taking ultimate charge of your everyday projects. From uploading files to saving much-needed ideas, you can efficiently do anything with just a few clicks. 

What’s best? It is designed as an impeccable organizational tool that anyone can use to add important notes, manage regular tasks, or add ambitious projects. It operates on a freemium business model with a list-based design that is being used by The Atlantic and PC World. Students, employees, companies, agencies, and every person can benefit from this versatile app. 


WorkFlowy provides a distraction-free space to keep track of your day-to-day tasks and manage things on a single platform.

  • The robust note-taking and management application you can use to capture all sorts of information in a single place. 
  • It features drag-and-drop functionality for users’ convenience so they can easily assort things from multiple apps. 
  • The global search feature will help instantly search your files or saved projects within seconds. This way, you can never lose an important document. 
  • WorkFlowy offers a straightforward, clutter-free interface that is convenient to work for beginners or novice users. 
  • It is more intuitive and operates at lightning-fast speed, so everything can be captured on the super-powered boards. 
  • Equipped with multiple options including the zoom-in or focus feature. This allows you to see the written text or visuals with more accuracy. 


Aside from a streamlined interface, WorkFlowy is built in a way that it collapses the unimportant details so you only see what’s necessary for your work or life. Keyboard shortcuts are also added to enhance your productivity and save time. 




What’s most astonishing is its ability to work even if you’re offline. The unprecedented flexibility and list-based design of this software enable you to write things in a smooth environment. Moreover, you can also add backlinks to important text, hyperlink authentic information, or add references where required. Install it today on your Windows, android, laptop, or iOS devices and let the creativity begin.


Compatible with desktop and mobile platforms
Requires internet connection for online collaboration
Able to support multiple user interactions simultaneously

Highly adaptable for various types of tasks or projects.
Enables seamless online collaboration on shared lists.
Accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Lacks advanced formatting options for text.
No in-built calendar for scheduling tasks.
Free version has limited features.
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