by WOT Services

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WOT Services

Last revision: Last week

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WOT (Web of Trust) is a free extension that is suitable for the majority of modern web browsers that work with add-ons. It is designed to protect your online experience and protect you from potentially harmful sites on your system. Add-ons are distributed free of charge and can be installed in a couple of seconds. The principle of its work is quite simple, but at the same time extremely effective. The application displays special icons of different colors before links in search results and mail. The green icon indicates that the resource to which the link leads is trusted and reliable. Yellow - reports that the site is not verified, but most likely will not harm your system. Red warns of the danger of visiting a web resource. Websites that WOT "puts out" red are likely to be fraudulent and not recommended for visiting.

- allows you to detect potentially dangerous web resources;

- is compatible with all popular browsers;

- is extremely convenient to use;

- automatically analyzes the search results and links in e-mails;

- Doesn't require pre-configuration.

Jaxon (unverified)
WOT is a free extension that protects you with its color coded warnings. Today we live in an age of data theft, data manipulation etc, we as consumers need to take a step to protect ourselves or else we will lose our peace of mind. this is an great solution for that
Muhammad (unverified)
WOT seems like a very good idea and the concept seems simple for everyone to understand with the color coded alerts. However, the website could be more appealing with some additional information on it. The website seemed very basic in detail and description. Examples and/or pictures of the software working should be included versus just downloading wot from the website. The idea is good, but the marketing is bad.
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