Y'z Dock

by Trend Media Corporation Limited

An attractive program luncher which resembles MacOS X Dock

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Trend Media Corporation Limited

Release: Y'z Dock 0.8.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Y'z Dock for Windows can be likened to other similar operating systems with features such as attractive looks. Y'z Dock is characterized by its intuitive features. It is a lightweight software tool for PC systems which avails the ambiance of Mac OS X features to users. It can execute the task with fast accuracy and unique display, which is attractive to users. It is characterized by a custom menu, which is rich with all sorts of variables to choose from. Besides, there is program behavior, efficiency, and positional variables to choose from. It has an all-time friendliness with PC resources. The Y'z Dock is a very unique and good tool for users craving for a taste of Mac OS X characteristics. It has a very attractive display and performs optimally, and it has enough features with freedom in its usability.

For instance, moving of files from the explorer to the dock area can be simply carried out by dragging and dropping the file (in any format such as exe, just for example) in the dock area. In the icons folder, insert the PNG images to represent icons. After this, make a right-click on the icons available in the dock, select "property," and in there chose the icons for the images. You can make a right-click at any spot on the deck background and select "setting," this is to alter the settings applicable to the dock itself. The execution of the trash bin and clock will occur momentarily. It has a lot of customization features, such as ensuring your dock matches the desktop theme, the ability to load icons of software, and custom files in any color desired. It alloys opportunity for formating of dock size, arranging of the object as so desire for orientation, horizontally or vertically. This is a multifunctional desktop tool for Windows which can work smoothly on all Windows versions. It is easy for beginners to use. The following are the features of Y'z Dock for Windows.


It is available for millions of cumputer users globally
  • File and software grouping on the desktop with respect to the Dock intuitive features
  • creation of shortcuts by keyboard customization to execute files
  • capability to run on Windows versions
  • Ability to add files easily to the dock by simple drag and drop the task
  • Ability to design and personalize a dock's interface by selecting custom features such as icons, color, arranging of files in a convenient way, and also background
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