360 Total Security Essential

by Qihu 360 Software Co

Virus protection provided for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Qihu 360 Software Co

Release : 360 Total Security Essential 1.14.0 Build 43019

Antivirus check: passed

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360 Total Security Essential is one of the richest free antivirus programs in terms of functionality. The program is a rethinking of the antivirus 360 Internet Security in a new shell and with new interesting features. The main feature of this solution is that it uses several antivirus engines: Bitdefender, 360 Cloud, QVMII and Avira. The former and the latter can work offline without updating virus databases.

Another useful feature of 360 Total Security Essential is that this antivirus can run potentially dangerous programs in a closed environment - "Sandbox", thus preventing such applications from damaging your system. Other antivirus chips include online purchase protection, online file scanning for all downloads from the Internet, automatic scanning of plug-in USB drives, reliable protection from keyloggers and remote access to the webcam.

360 Total Security Essential provides comprehensive antivirus protection using multiple engines and a secure sandbox environment for running potentially risky programs.

Antivirus boasts no "conflicts" with other similar software solutions, regular automatic updates in the background and a rather "weak" load on the system during operation. Also, the user can download the virus database separately and "connect" it to 360 Total Security Essential, running on a computer that does not have access to the network.

- uses four anti-virus engines to securely protect your system;

- allows you to connect applications in a closed environment - "Sandbox";

- contains tools to protect your online purchases;

- Analyzes the USB devices to be connected for potential threats;

- is characterized by a low load on the system during operation.

Provides robust protection against various malware and phishing attacks.
Light on system resources, ensuring smooth operation.
Includes beneficial bonus tools for system cleanup.

Lacks webcam protection and password manager features.
Performance impact during malware scanning.
Complicated user interface for beginners.
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This software provides a comprehensive security solution for Windows users, offering protection against malware, viruses, and other online threats. It includes a real-time protection feature, a firewall, and a system cleanup utility. Additionally, it offers a sandbox feature that allows users to safely run suspicious software without risking their system security. It also includes browser protection, automatic updates, and a user-friendly interface.
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360 Total Security Essential software offers a comprehensive set of features to protect against malware and optimize system performance.
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360 Total Security Essential is an efficient and comprehensive antivirus program designed to ensure maximum online safety. Aside from providing traditional antivirus protection, it excels in its multi-engine scanner which uses five different antivirus engines, ensuring robust virus detection and prevention. Among its other notable features, users appreciate is its automatic updates function which helps maintain the software's effectiveness against new threats. Furthermore, it integrates a sandbox feature that allows users to run suspicious files in a safe, isolated environment, minimizing any potential risk to their system.
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