Avira Free Antivirus

by Avira Operations GmbH & Co

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Avira Operations GmbH & Co

Last revision: Last week

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Each user is interested in ensuring that their computer is as secure as possible from viruses and spyware penetration. In search of the most reliable antivirus program, users install on their PC what their friends/familiar/imaginary professionals advised them to do. Often it turns out that several antivirus applications are forced to "get along" on the computer. This user error may cause the operating system to become unstable or even "fall". When choosing an antivirus, special attention should be paid to Avira AntiVir Personal. This software is highly productive and frequently updated, ensuring timely detection of viruses. Your data will always be protected.

The interface of the program is designed in a strict universal style and is characterized by a clear and clear layout of tabs. The control panel is located on the side and a dialog box is placed in the middle, which allows the user to keep abreast of all events. The application is easily customizable to the needs of any user, allowing you to set up automatic scanning at the right time. Installation of Avira is quick and easy. The developers of the software product recommend to uninstall Windows Defender if it is installed on a PC. This is done in order to stabilize the computer and eliminate the possibility of software conflict. When installed, the user is prompted to install the control panel. Of course, this tool is an important part of the antivirus, but it is worth noting that along with the recommended set of tools you will install an advertising module.

To detect viruses, Trojans, worms, dialers, rootkits, spyware and adware, Avira can offer users the most automated scanning process. Just select the hard disk partition or the type of removable media you want to test and forget about it. Scanning is not instantaneous, but reveals all the obvious and hidden viral threats. Obviously, the more data you want to check, the longer the scan will take. This software package is only a basic protection, but it is some guarantee that your computer will not be infected with viruses after the first minutes of visiting an arbitrary web page.

- provides real-time protection against viruses;

- blocks the operation of malware that has entered the system;

- is free for personal use;

- is distinguished by its original interface, which is understandable even for a beginner.

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