7-Data Recovery Suite Free

by SharpNight Co.Ltd

Scan and recover files, keeping intact the folder hiearchy and filenames

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SharpNight Co.Ltd

Release: 7-Data Recovery Suite Free 4.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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My review of the sales and marketing calling this a "Suite" during the install is confusing? Where is the suite? Is it the four recovery modes that are called a suite, or are their other products in a suite to install? And when I open it the first time, in big letters, 7-Data Recovery Suite. It does have a name similar to 7-zip, a widely known software utility. It has a Window look and feels to it, meaning, it has big tiles from which to select. And on the home screen, of this pop-up small utility software, it seems to have the 5th mode for recovering data on an Android phone or Tablet. It costs 39.95 to actually recover data. But anything under 1Gb appears to be free. The software window can be expanded to show the nodes of folders I want to attempt a recovery. It's a little confusing at first because it very quickly shows me the folders and files on my USB drive.

It's also cool that I can search for a specific file name or wildcard, like *.jpg, but using *.jp*, works as well to find all jpg files, so the search field seems robust. But is it scanning my system for deleted files? I cannot tell if it needs to scan or if it already scanned? Other software I've used does a scan and actually shows me lost and deleted files. It does not allow me to create my own folder upon which to target the restore. Instead, it creates a folder called one exFAT. And the recovery seems faulty and it recovered more than the four photos I had selected. It appears it does scan quickly in the beginning, automatically. Now I see it, on my 1 TB local C: drive, it shows a nice progress scan window. The GUI is nice and looks like a utility, so it doesn't take up too much space. The GUI also has different icons for thumb drives so I can easily see which drives are which. The scan is somewhat fast, but a little slower than my previous 128Gb thumb drive. This C: drive took about 40 seconds, that's pretty good. The recovery display is OK, as it does show me the folder names I know I deleted. But it also shows a bunch of stuff that may take forever to click through.

It can recover files deleted and files lost on a partition

  • Recovers lost data and files from local hard disk using a simple GUI
  • Four different choices for types of recovery, deleted, complete, lost partitions and media (photo/video) recovery
  • Works with external storage drives like USB thumb drives and SD cards.
  • Also able to recover files from an Android phone or Tablet
  • Installs on Windows desktops or Windows server Operating systems. And goes back all the way to Windows XP.
  • Comes with a Thumbnail feature to visually see the photos I want to recover
Hi i have installed this software in one hard time, when my marriage photos are deleted i had a feeling down, after that i have installed this and i got these files back, also i have recovered the files from damage hard disk
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