Easy to use tool for viewing your photoshop brushes!

Operating system: Windows

Release: ABRviewer 2.0

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.41099

You can view the brushes and what they look like without having to manually go into photoshop and test them individually.


  • you get a preview of the brushes you want to see that are downloaded into your photoshop program without having to run them manually in photoshop
  • the brush files can be saved and exported into PNG format for easy sharing and saving to view
  • opens ABR files (photoshop brush files) with ease and without having to open Photoshop application
  • you can open the brushes in any specific settings in this program to save for viewing later

ABR files are only compatible to open in Photoshop itself, but not anymore with this awesome and handy tool! Get your brush previews all in one go with this viewer so you know what you already have and even save them for your creative endeavors in PNG format for future reference.

Requires Microsoft.NET framework 1.1

Charlie (unverified)
The ABR Viewer is a great tool that allows you to view your brushes without actually having to access Photoshop. They can not only be viewed but saved as PNG format for simple sharing and exporting. This viewer also allows all brush settings to be saved! That option is very convenient and saves so much time when working on projects.
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