Draw custom pictures on the screen

Operating system: Windows

Release: ScreenMarker

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91102

It allows ease of creativity and functionality. I could see this program being useful for presentations where the presenter would like to point out a particular part of the presentation on the computer.


  • Allows you to write and draw freely on the screen
  • Being able to freely draw "shapes like straight lines, rectangles, triangles, stars and more" like this makes showing off basic graphs a lot easier (like in statistics or mathematics courses)
  • Free use of multiple different colors for ease of clarity during the presentation (and also quickly erases for the next slide).
  • Doesn't need to be installed to your hard drive, it can be installed to your pen drive making it a mobile application.
  • It being a mobile application makes it extremely enticing for any teacher who has a locked down computer at school but could use custom drawing software like this to better aid in teaching, extremely useful for any student who could use this to enhance their class presentation, and a bonus to any office worker who needs to liven up their boardroom presentation but don't want to use an old fashioned laser pointer to do so.

This is a well-rated screen drawing software that seems to take few resources and allows the user to freely draw whatever they need to explain or display.  I have personally seen a software like this used in classes before and it is essential to any classroom looking to replace the chalk/whiteboard.  Since this software doesn't have to be installed to the hard drive, it then becomes extremely portable so you can take this program along wherever you bring your presentation to, which means you're not locked down to one particular workstation which would be extremely useful for any student looking to borrow a professor/teacher's computer for a class presentation or for a working employee needing to borrow the projector during a business meeting.  Honestly, the biggest selling point for me for this software is its portability.  There are a lot of programs out there that allow you to draw on your screen, but the fact that this can be tossed on a flash drive and work on any workstation is a huge competitive advantage.

Zainab Guizani (unverified)
I thought the screenmarker was a great mini-program. It allows me to write on the screen and helps me make notes on memopads. It also lets me draw on the screen. For example when I went to college I had many power points for lectures and I could easily make notes so that it is easier to participate in class. The multiple colors was also a plus that I know which notes are for what type of subject. The fact that now it has become a part of smartphones has made my life a lot easier. I honestly believe that this is a great program, since I forget about many things.
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