Accent Office Password Recovery

by Passcovery Co. Ltd

Photo processing software on Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Passcovery Co. Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Accent Office Password Recovery is designed to recover forgotten or lost passwords to documents created in Microsoft® Office and office applications. Some passwords can be recovered by direct decoding, i.e. almost instantly. And for the rest of you, a dictionary attack or brute force attack is used.

To do this, the program has an advanced mechanism of visual mask setting: you can specify the range of possible values individually for each position in the password, which will be generated later. Accent Office Password Recovery also has advanced dictionary attack capabilities. This is a dictionary manager that allows you to search for a password in several dictionaries one by one (transfers and selects characters, adds numbers).

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery supports different types of passwords: passwords to open a document, to modify, to save passwords or passwords to access databases.

- Brute-force: This attack checks all possible options. You specify the length and range of characters in the password. This is the most reliable type of attack, but it also takes the most time;

- brute-force mask: rules for generating passwords are applied - you can specify a password mask. Such attacks reduce the search time, but imply that you have some information about the password that allows you to specify a mask;

- Dictionary attack: there is a limited number of passwords that are stored in a text file and checked during the search. This is often the fastest way to recover a password if the right words are present in dictionaries and others.

Seems like a useful tool for forgetful users. The visual mask seems like a versatile method for finding passwords. The product is well explained and has a well defined use. I would definitely look into using the product myself, and I would consider letting my friends know about it.
This website is very necessary this day and age when we all have so many passwords. It tells what this website is useful for in the first information you see. That way people aren't wasting their time trying to determine if they can use this specific site for what they need.
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