Acrylic WiFi Home

by Tarlogic Security SL

A software that enables users to better enjoy home WIFI

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tarlogic Security SL

Release: Acrylic WiFi Home 4.3.7073.19137

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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With Acrylic Wifi Home, you are enabled to view network security information and view and scan other Wifi networks. With the growth of home Internet usage, this revolutionary software allows users to more easily protect their private information by scanning a multitude of networks and providing information on whether or not they are safe. In addition to this, it enhances speed and network performance, providing an overall, more enjoyable Internet experience. There is a professional version of the software as well. However, the free version offers plenty of useful features on its own. Acrylic Wifi Home comes with a complete suite of different Wifi monitoring analyses such as Wifi coverage, security, while also studying various Wifi networks and mapping all accessible devices within reach. The free version can currently keep an inventory of up to five devices, while the professional version allows for an unlimited amount of devices. 

With the current pandemic and shutdown of major businesses, this software makes working from home a much more secure, enjoyable experience. It supports monitor mode under Windows and can extract a multitude of information, as well as identify nearby wireless access points while providing a table of details such as SSID, RSSI, type, channel, security details, and MAC Address, including when these access points/devices were seen. Overall, this Acrylic Wifi Home is a reliable, user-friendly software that provides an in-depth view of all the local networks and devices connected. The interface is quite sophisticated, and the software has many supportive testimonials regarding its ease of use and exactly how well it performs.


Provides security information and datasets.
  • wifi channel scanner and table of information
  • free version compatible with Windows monitor mode
  • provides wifi network signal strength and power graphs
  • shows local access points and devices near you
  • allows access to WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security information
Acrylic WiFiHome for Windows always you to see information about your WiFi in real time and lets you see any problems or interference with your home network to fix it on the fly! It comes with software that makes it even easier for you to make this all happen and to be able to see 2.4 and 5.0 GHz channels!
With this software product you have more freedom to control things such as the Wi-Fi, channels, networks and speed. It's security is much better and you have support for when you need it. And it's free. Automatic warns you when there's an upgrade. Unlimited devices can be utilized with this software as well.
Ollie I.
Acrylic WiFi Home is a comprehensive and easy-to-use WiFi analysis software for home users. It allows users to monitor and troubleshoot their wireless networks, analyze WiFi coverage, search for WiFi access points, detect intruders and more. The powerful network analysis features help users improve their WiFi network performance and security. It can scan and analyze your home network and provide detailed information about the connected devices, signal strength, and other important details.
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