by Birch Grove Software, Inc

ActivTrak is a workforce analytics program made for better optimizing

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Publisher: Birch Grove Software, Inc

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ActivTrak focuses primarily on helping you with company visibility, as well as different solutions for a better inside organization. This software gives you insights into the worker's productive capabilities, as well as information of workplace policy affection on everyday work days. It also provides a source of trustful data, which in turn creates a good kick-start to planning and improving your company's efficiency.

This software also makes for a great source of utility software, used for solving complex problems in the workforce. It provides different solutions for different cases, with a good backing-up data stream coming right up. ActivTrak is trusted by over 9000+ organizations around the globe, all trusting their inside management to this great piece of program.


A simple yet powerful analytics program, capable of building and improving hybrid and remote workforce management


  • Ways of comparing existing data for better company understanding
  • Make smarter decisions based on information about hybrid policies with location-based productivity information 
  • Includes built-in analyzing algorithms and all sorts of sorting systems made for easier understanding of A/B tests and impact analyses
  • Based on the given information make decisions easy with given data and mitigate the negative effects, swiftly
  • Visualized work patterns and input indexes can be sorted in days, weeks, and months
  • Personalized data for each worker for greater in-company understanding, burnout prevention, social media management, and more to bring the company's production to new heights!

    More include things like productivity reports, dashboards for each section of the company productivity metrics, team efficiency (as well as teams' built-in creation), productivity coaching, and much more. Use the data stream to control where the work is done right and where the changes are needed! Personalized user management for better inside management with options such as rights, rewarding systems, and balancing the workload around the teams for better cooperation. In short, ActivTrak is an awesome software choice made with simplicity in mind yet powerful solving capabilities put in it!


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