by AdRem Software, Inc.

A network monitoring system for Windows users

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AdRem Software, Inc.

Release : NetCrunch 12.1.1

Antivirus check: passed

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Complex network infrastructures can be difficult for large businesses to manage. Traditional tools are available for monitoring purposes, but unfortunately, most of them fall short in providing proper control over the entire network. This can lead to downtime and security risks for the company. However, NetCrunch is a software that offers advanced monitoring solutions to tackle these challenges.

NetCruch was developed by AdRem software to find and solve issues that are impacting end users. It allows businesses to monitor a wide range of devices and applications that are using the network. NetCrunch also monitors servers, IoT, cloud services, virtualization, etc.


  • Equipped with SNMPv1, v2c, and v3, along with 200+ monitoring packs and more than 8700 MB modules.
  • Use more than 70 protocol monitors to keep track of the uptime of devices.
  • Monitor a server's hardware, operating system, applications, and containers.
  • Dark themes can be applied to the desktop version.
  • A graphical representation of port mapping is given.
  • Support many APIs and protocols.
  • Use Cisco NBAR2 to analyze the flow of the network's traffic.
  • The policy to determine node statuses can be customized.
  • Topology maps and metric charts are included in the analysis.
  • Sends alert messages through push notifications, emails, or SMS.
  • Layer-2 connections, traffic flows, and VLANs can be visualized.
  • Coordinates or simply, geographical locations can be assigned to nodes.
  • Has monitoring capabilities for ESXi – a type 1 hypervisor.

NetCrunch continuously observes and analyzes the performance or state of different network components. It watches over your servers and alarms you when something is bad or about to go wrong. NetCrunch does this by using tools like network mapping that allow you to visualize network dependencies.

It is agentless, which means that the software does not require the installation of external agent software on the devices it monitors. Instead, the monitoring capabilities are built into NetCruch’s system itself. Because of this, software can perform required tasks, like diagnosing issues, within seconds. As this feature simplifies the setup process, it can benefit large and complex network environments.

NetCrunch offers agentless monitoring for hybrid infrastructures by detecting and resolving issues within seconds.
Operating system: Windows, Linux, BSD, macOS, VMware ESXi
At least 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
2GHz dual-core processor (quad-core recommended)
Free disk space: 4GB or more

Monitors all major operating systems without need for agents.
Supports all SNMP versions, including version 3.
Automatically generates views and maps for real-time displays.

Complex setup process for novice users.
Limited customer support options.
Can be resource-intensive on larger networks.
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