by Yuri Zolot'ko

A browser plugin enabling download and playback of BitTorrent content without leaving the browser

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Yuri Zolot'ko

Release : ZTorrent 0.0.1

Antivirus check: passed

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ZTorrent is a browser plugin that works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and lets you open, download, and play content distributed via the BitTorrent P2P file-sharing network, all without having to leave your browser window. It's as if you're downloading directly from a website, except you're using the BitTorrent protocol to do so. ZTorrent is a fully-functional torrent client with a multitude of features.

Thanks to ZTorrent, you can access a diverse array of online content without relying on a single source. In fact, it enables you to download files from multiple sources at once, which often translates into faster download speeds compared to direct downloading from a website.

  • Compatibility with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers: you can use this plugin on your browser of choice without any issues.
  • Support for UDP trackers: this helps to quickly find peers for a given torrent.
  • Peer exchange support: this feature facilitates more efficient and rapid peer discovery, which can boost your download speeds.
  • Direct playback: ZTorrent allows you to directly play the downloaded content without having to leave the browser. However, you can use third-party players/codecs such as VLC, MPlayer or QuickTime to expand the number of formats available for immediate playback.

With ZTorrent, there's no need to install additional software to use it. Simply install it as a browser plugin and you're ready to start downloading content via the BitTorrent network. This makes ZTorrent an excellent option for those who want straightforward, direct access to content from the BitTorrent network.

ZTorrent offers convenient, fast access to a plethora of online content directly from your browser.
Operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux
Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers
Access to BitTorrent P2P file-sharing network
Must allow for browser plugin installations

Can be used on multiple browsers without any issues.
No need for additional software, works as a browser plugin.
Supports peer exchange for rapid and efficient downloads.

Browser extension may slow down some browsers.
Doesn't support Internet Explorer or Edge.
Download speeds can be inconsistent.
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